Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Japanese Dinner at Liang Court Basement

The onslaught of turkey, roast beef and ham have started. After one too many Christmas dinners, these goodies become repulsive- a sure sign of festive-weary taste buds.

That is when a simple Japanese dinner at Liang Court's basement brings joy.

The Mini Steam Eel Rice ($1.80) wasn't the best start though. Fishy and bland.... and the eel was reccession-sized.

Thankfully the Beef Curry (~$9-10) was so comforting. Soft root vegetables and tender beef slices were in a mild Japanese curry. Accompanied with warm rice and pickles, it was absolutely yummy! One more plate of rice please.

While eating the Beef Curry, I spied my neighbour's udon and had a sudden craving for it. Udon-lust. I gave in and ordered a simple udon with seaweed and an egg (~$7).

The food's simple and good. Nothing fancy but perfect to combat festive fatigue.

Now back to more turkeys over the next few days.

Liang Court Basement (Outside Meidiya Supermarket)
(the stalls are sectioned according to Rice, Udon, Sushi etc)

Chew On This: Iced water is served at ZERO cost. Cheers to that.


Anonymous said...

My favourite thing from the Liang Court basement is actually the combination of both katsu curry and udon that you can get from the Udon stall. The curry isn't typical udon curry, it's as thick as the one for curry don. It's awesome.

The Hungry Cow said...

Anonymous: Sounds good! Thanks for the tip.