Saturday, December 27, 2008

938live Foodie Lunch Pick Festive Tasting Dinner

After the lovely lunch at Braise, I was off to town to burn off a couple of hours before dinner. It was a such a foodie's Saturday. Dinner was at the invitation of 938Live and hosted by Goodwood Park Hotel.

The diners present were 938Live Music Director and Senior Producer-Presenter, Eugene Loh, and the other resident foodies on Foodie Lunch Pick. A pity Samuel could not attend or else we would have the complete set from Monday through Friday.

Foodie Lunch Pick (12.15pm weekdays on 938Live)
Monday- Samuel (
Tuesday- LeRoy (The Hungry Cow)
Wednesday- Irene (Culinary Adventures)
Thursday- Julia (Aroma Cookery)
Friday- Leslie (Ieatishootipost)

Dinner started with a Cream of Tomato soup. It was warm, tangy and had a good depth of flavour. This was my favourite dish.

Next course was the Grilled Scallop with Asparagus. The scallops were fresh and succulent. I thought the Japanese sauce with mirin went well the scallops. This light-tasting dish was no less tasty, though it was on the safe side and maybe a tad boring.

The third course was a choice of Meltique Sirloin with Mushroom Sauce or Baked Cod Fish with Orange Butter Sauce. Being a cannibalistic cow, I opted for the steak. Okay, okay... I was actually intrigued to see how the Meltique beef would turn out here since I don't particularly like the 'artificial' texture of such beef. How did it turn out? Well, I think I still prefer the taste and texture of 'normal' beef sans artificial marbling. But I bet fans of Meltique beef beg to differ.

The next course has got to be one of the most unique Turkeys I've come across. Hainanese Turkey sounds more hawker food than Christmas but it works! The Hainanese Chicken Rice-que presentation and accompanying condiments like the soup with bean sprouts, the tomato and cucumber slices, the rice ball, and the black soy sauce, minced ginger and chili sauce obviously mirrored Chicken Rice.

I really like the way that turkey is presented here. Sure, the rice ball wasn't fragrant enough and the turkey wasn't as tender as chicken but I think the novelty is in taking something festive and linking it to something very familiar to all Singaporeans.

Lastly, dessert came in the form of DIY at the desserts buffet counter. I randomly picked some onto my plate and lamented at the fact that there wasn't durian featured in a hotel that has established itself as a haven for almost all things durian. It is apparently off-season for the King of Fruits. Alas.

For the Hungry Cow, it was an eat-ventful day with a 3-course set lunch at Braise and a 5-course tasting menu dinner at Goodwood Park's Coffee Lounge. It was great finally being able to meet Eugene and Irene in person after chatting with them on air for slightly over a year. O where art thou, Melanie? Haha.

Thanks to 938Live and the chefs, wait staff and Justina Loh of Goodwood Park for organising this tasting dinner and hosting us.

Coffee Lounge
Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Tel: 6730 1746

Chew On This: The Hainanese Turkey was introduced last year. This year, the new item is Turkey Satay! Marinated pieces of turkey and pineapples are skewered, grilled and served with a spicy peanut sauce. How about next year? Turkey curry? Turkey laksa? The chefs remained tight-lipped so only time will tell.

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