Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaccccck!

It's a good sign when a friend smsed me this- "Finally... Let's have vintage Ribena to celebrate freedom."

Freedom with a capital F. Still plenty of things to keep me busy this holidays but at least exams are over...for now. I've got to admit. This semester seems like the most challenging. The pressure's still there but it's the lack of mood to study that's worrying. Thank God for adrenalin! Oh well, I guess exams bring out the best of faith.

Between trying to study and trying to study, I was more happy planning for other stuff like the SLA November dinner, fantasizing about the League's year-end dinner at my place, ValenWine etc. And I'm still trying to sleep before 4am!! Dammit. Bloody exams upset normal cycles.

Ok folks, a recount of the freshly-concluded SLA November dinner is coming right up!

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