Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Japanese Pasta & Pizza

Having (two) classes on Saturdays sucks. But it gave the MinorE folks a chance to meet up and of course have dinner afterwards.

So Sandy, Shah, Tricia and myself (Dindson joined later with a friend *winks*) ended up at Shokudo.

Bright and cheery- both the place and us, we placed our orders and waited eagerly hungrily.

First to arrive was the Hokkaido-Style Curry Mashed Potato Cheese Pizza ($10.80). It smelt like heaven to a group of hungry souls. Tonnes of melted cheese tangled with warm mashed potato and seasoned with Japanese curry on a slightly doughy base, it was delicious!

The other starter we shared was the Tori Isobe Age ($5.80) or otherwise deep-fried chicken pieces with seaweed. It proved to be more gimmicky and seemed like those frozen stuff out from a bag.

Moving on to the pastas, Sandy's Salmon Avocado Carbonara ($8.80) looked interesting. I had a small bite and found it (the pasta) voluptous. In fact, too voluptous. Everything was too heavy and rich for me.

The next two pastas I did not try so here's visual commentary. :)

Shah's Soft Shell Crab Tempura ($8.80).

Tricia's Pork Curry Pasta ($8.80).

This was my order of Omelette Pasta in Wafu Tomato Sauce ($7.80). The sauce was tangy and the most comforting part was the tasty, soft scrambled eggs that topped the pasta. I wish for more of those bacon bits though.

There's something about Japanese-style pastas and pizzas that's alluring and it certainly is a pairing that works. I wonder if Nona will take to this.

CityLink Mall
Tel: 6341 9542

Chew On This: Shokudo offers a student special, so flash that student card!

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