Monday, September 15, 2008

4 + 3 = 2+ 2 + 2

Not that the numbers don't add up but that 4 guys and 3 girls had 2 pastas, 2 pizzas and 2 desserts. To celebrate Tricia's birthday, a few of us headed to Da Paolo Pizza Bar for a light lunch.

Even with a bit of cream, lunch remained light thanks to the tangy tomato that balanced it out. The Cannelloni Della Casa ($17) was a pasta dish with bechamel, tomato and chicken. It tasted a little flat and the pasta could do with a bit more bite.

On the other hand (and plate), the Lasagna Alla Bolognese ($18) had a rich beefy flavour. Melted cheese, bits of beef and a tomato sauce between sheets of pasta is definitely a good thing.

First pizza to arrive at the table was the Pizza Gorgonzolla E Cipolle Caramellate ($20). The 9-inch pizza spotted a nice thin crust and was topped with gorgonzola, mozzarella, caramelized onions and fresh baby spinach. I didn't quite fancy the combination of flavours. The gorgonzola was weak while the caramelized onions gave a bitter-ish burnt aftertaste that lingered. I'll prefer a simple Magherita with just tomatoes, cheese and basil, thank you.

Thankfully the Pizza Rucola, Prosciutto E Scaglie Di Parmagiano ($22) was much, much better. There was a good amount of tangy tomato paste which married the savoury parma ham, sharp rocket leaves and flavourful parmesan. Yum.

The desserts we tried were also a bit of a hit and miss. The Crostata Al Limone ($10), a lemon meringue tart, had an overly citric lemon curd. I didn't take to the meringue too which was like soft and fluffy sweetened egg white beaten to a foam. Its blow-torched surface did little to save it.

The Tiramisu ($10) was decent enough. Booze-soaked sponge fingers with luscious mascarpone sat below a crust of chocolate shavings.

It was a rare day to be able to celebrate two friends' birthdays (one each for lunch and dinner), attend a champagne tasting at Whitebait & Kale and play an hour or so of pool. Now it's back to work. Sigh.

Happy Birthday Tricia!

Da Paolo Pizza Bar
44, Jalan Merah Saga,
#01-46, Chip Bee Gardens (Holland Village)
Tel: 6479 6059

Chew On This: Check out the strip of white and brown cow hide that covers the ceiling and a wall! I'm intimidated.

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