Sunday, July 27, 2008

12 x 12

It's been almost 2 weeks since the last post. What have I been up to? Well intensive Minor E. modules aside, I was under the weather for a week. I seldom fall ill but when I do, it always seems to be more than the slight fever. And I know I'm getting better when my appetite starts to gear up to normal.

It is after stressful weeks of Minor E. modules, lack of sleep and a bout of upper respiratory tract infection that a place like 12x12 Cafe seems to have special appeal. A rather cool and bold concept, this cafe prides itself on the following:
- fresh premium ingredients
- no frying or deep frying (only bake, boil or steam)
- gluten free
- no butter
- fresh garnish
- handmade daily
- vegan or vegetarian options
- nut free options
- biodegradable bowls and plates made of agrofibre

Before you think it's an old boring health nut kinda place, it's not. It serves soups, salads, sandwiches, dips, Fitballs (I shall come to this in a bit), cakes and drinks. Looks decently healthy alright. But at least they don't taste like bland cardboard.

The White Bean Cappuccino ($8.50) I tried was perfumed with the scent of truffle oil. The soup was neither too thick nor too runny and had tasty thin slices of duck meat which interestingly resembled the Chinese-styled roast duck. The beany goodness of white beans was evident though no beans were found as they had been blended into the soup. Accompanying the soup on the side were sheets of crisp (tapioca?) crackers and a slice of baguette.

Fitballs (any choice of 3 for $5)are basically rice and other ingredients shaped into a ball. They purportedly contain a balanced food equation and give round the clock energy. I opted for three different flavours- Chorizo, Italian and Salmon & Asparagus (anti-clockwise from the Fitball on the right in the above picture).

The Italian was made with wild rice, undried tomato (this one's funny), mozzarella, anchovies, capers and fresh basil. Not bad but was expecting more fresh flavours from the tomato and basil. The Salmon & Asparagus was a tad fishy due probably to the smoked salmon but cats fish fanatics would smile. There's healthy omega fatty acids man.

But my favourite would have to be the Chorizo. Flavourful with bits of the Spanish sausage embedded within the brown rice, it was delicious. It would be perfect if they could add a more smokey dimension to this.

12x12 Cafe has an interesting concept with wholesome food that makes one feel almost healthier. The set-up is modern with a raw edgy vibe. Check out the old ammunition boxes that lie around....hmm...I think it could indicate that the people behind Barracks at Dempsey are backing this place.

12x12 Cafe
Suntec City Galleria (beside Convention Centre)
Tel: 6333 9774

Chew On This: 12 x 12 (say twelve by twelve) reflects their believe that their food is ideal for anytime of the day, be it twelve noon or twelve midnight (but no, they don't open till midnight).


Anonymous said...

the healthy food people. haha

Anonymous said...

Undried or Sundried tomato?

The Hungry Cow said...

ladyironchef: Without sounding like im part of HPB, health is priceless. ;p

jy: This is the funny part. It is stated as 'undried'. Haha. So now does 'undried' = normal tomatoes?

Anonymous said...

It's actually sundried tomato. Was a typo :p

The Hungry Cow said...

anonymous: Thanks for the confirmation. I suspected it to be typo too but couldnt quite confirm it with my unwell tongue.