Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sashimi Pangs

After the uni-fied meal I had at Sushi Tei, I was soon craving for more sashimi. And I was glad to make a pit-stop at Fish Mart Sakuraya over at Parkway Parade.

Fish Mart Sakura offers lots of different types of sashimi with most being flown in from the Land of the Rising Buns Sun. Some of them that greeted me were Uni (sea urchin), Kaki (oyster), Hotate (scallop), Akagai (bloody clam) etc.

Also available that day was live Shiromirogai (geoduck). Actually, it looks the least appetising with its long trunk sliding around in the shallow water.

After some consultation with the wait staff, we placed our order and sipped on hot tea while we waited.

Minutes later, I now present to you the alive-just-a-few-seconds-ago duo- Uni ($27) and Shiromirogai ($22). The Uni experience at Sushi Tei still lingers till now and got me excited over the live one. Alas. The live Uni had a sharp metallic taste with an aftertaste vaguely resembling plastic. I was disappointed to say the least. On the other hand, the live Shiromirogai was slightly crunchy and tasted fresh. By the way, geoducks may look long and thick but after slicing them, the amount of meat really seems to shrink!

The geoduck went well with the ponzu dipping sauce. But I still think geoduck's not my kind of seafood.

The Ika (squid) was smooth and just nicely chewy.

But my favourite so far goes to the Sake (salmon). Creamy and sweet, I could have easily polished off the freaking fish. The other fish (I forgot. Anyone can help with the identification?) had a slightly "fish-ier" taste compared to the salmon and also a firmer texture. Salmon still rocks my socks!

I lost the receipt and so can't really recall the price of the squid, salmon and "mystery fish" but they go by weight and each piece is packed and labeled with the price in the chiller. You pick what you would like to have and wait with chopsticks wide open. The price is not exorbitant and the sashimi is totally worth it. Ahhh...the dietary life of the Japanese....so lucky!

Fish Mart Sakuraya (with another branch in The Village Centre and a sashimi house in Anchorpoint)
Parkway Parade
Tel: 6345 4714
: 11am-9.30pm on Mondays-Thurs, Sundays & Public Holidays
: 11am-10pm on Fridays & Saturdays

Chew On This: Sakuraya flies in fresh fish and seafood from Japan every Tuesdays and Fridays! Now you know which days to go get some fresh sashimi. =)


red fir said...

hmm....your nama uni shouldn't taste like this...nama uni is not processed and of a higher grade. It tastes very rich and creamy. Maybe this wasn't too good. :(

The "mysterious fish" lol from the picture is either hamachi (yellowtail) or kanpachi (young yellowtail). I think it's hamachi looking at the color. :)

IMO, I think sakuraya doesn't bring in quality fish, it's just cheaper coz of bulk import. Sushi Tei in fact can offer fresher fish if you are particular about quality. :)

Anonymous said...

ahh! i just went to the one at village centre last week too. but i didn't eat any food there, my friend shop ard for some jap stuff

The Hungry Cow said...

ice: Yea, the uni was disappointing. Yes! Your're right..i think it's yellowtail but cant rem if young or old. Lol. Thanks for identifying the 'mystery fish'!

I really like the uni at sushi tei but the sashimi that night seemed average. Maybe it was just a bit off on that visit. Haven visited both enough to comment much. Thanks for sharing your opinions! It adds another view point in this blog. :)

ladyironchef: Cool. I like their retail-cum-sushi/sashimi stall concept!