Saturday, June 21, 2008

Primary Eats

Working for Spirit Makers took me to Griffiths Primary School for three days. It feels totally weird and refreshing to be back in primary school again. The first place to check out? The canteen!

A bowl of prawn noodles ($1.50) served as quick lunch. Nothing fancy or special but the whole act of eating primary school canteen food was amusing. With tightened security, one can no longer pop into school canteens for a meal anymore. Sigh.

Chew On This: It seems primary school kids are giants now compared to when I was in primary school. Must be the nutrient-rich diet...and Mcdonalds!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy..!! this really reminds me of primary school..!! i ate this for recess..!!

The Hungry Cow said...

mama bok: Ahh..those were the days... :)