Sunday, June 29, 2008

May Makankakis Dinner 2008

It's about to be July and I've not even posted up on May's Makankakis Dinner! I need a full-timer to churn out all my back-logs man! Anyone wanna apply?

Kidding. But Minor in Entrepreneurship is sure no joke. Draining is the word at the moment.

With a short break before the quiz and exam, here's the account of May Makankakis Dinner held at Spice Junction....

...which starts unofficially with Winelearner's fried raddish cake. Pretty refreshing for a start to an Indian meal I must add. Thanks for the raddish cake, Winelearner!

Papadums have got to be the Indian snack with the widest appeal. The ones here were crisp but do eat them quickly as they turn soft faster than you can say 'papadumsrockmysocks'.

A cool minty mint dip added a refreshing match to the cumin in the Papadums.

Mutton Coconut Fry was the first starter to arrive at the table. I'm glad there was minimal muttony taste and more of the coconut-spice mixture which reminded me of a good rendang.

Next, the Murg Mali Kebab followed. This chicken dish had light flavours and subtle herbal notes from the marinate.

The last of the starters was Kerala Fried Prawns. These prawns were coated in a rich spice paste and were great with rice!

Speaking of which, we were offered a free-flow of Biriyani Rice.

The Biriyani Rice was more flavoured with cardamom and cloves than saffron. It was also less oily than most versions here in Singapore. I do miss the saffron though.

In addition to rice, we also had free-flow of Butter Naan, Garlic Naan and Kerala Parotta. Carbo-lovers rejoice aye!

Forget the Butter Naan, the Garlic Naan (top in above picture) was fantastic though a tad oily. It had a nice chewy bite and an intense fragrance of garlic. The Kerala Parotta was relatively dry and plain compared to the usual roti prata but it still was good at mopping up sauces.

Meen Pollichathu was a dish of red snapper slathered with a red spicy marinate and wrapped in banana leaf. The marinate had penetrated the fish well though the side of the fish facing the pan was over-cooked, resulting in tough meat. Good. With. Rice.

Kozhi Porichathu was a Kerala take on fried chicken. It featured chicken thigh peices marinated in chilli, ginger, garlic and curry leaves before being deep-fried. Oh yes, hard to go wrong with spicy fried chicken.

Moving on to a less-spicy dish, the Butter Chicken was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. Creamy and tangy with hints of corriander, the sauce was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. Did I just repeat myself?

Anyway, the Mutton Vindhaloo had tender pieces of mutton in a sourish curry. Rather interesting but unfortunately not quite my kinda thing.

Beef is not normally featured at an Indian restaurant. In fact it was my first time having beef in an Indian restaurant. I do hope I don't get stoned... Nah, beef is served at Spice Junction as the owner is a Christian and so consumes beef. The Chilli Beef was essentially a beef stew with an Indian twist.

The last (savoury) dish was Paneer Butter Masala- a dish of cottage cheese in a tomato-butter sauce. The cottage cheese had a very firm texture akin to tau kua (pressed beancurd) and while relatively bland on its own, it went well with the sauce.

For desserts, we had fresh fruits and the Mango Kulfi. I like the Mango Kulfi here. It had the rich taste of mango with a creamy mouthfeel to boot. Unlike most Indian desserts, it wasn't scarily-sweetened.

On the wine front, Imprezawrxsg brought a bottle of sparkling shiraz that was sealed with a metal cap! Just like an old-school Coke bottle. Maybe I'm a sua ku (mountain tortise, country get the idea) but it was my first encounter with such a method of sealing a bottle of wine. Cool!

The line up of wines for that evening. It was my first time having wines along side with Indian food but is was fun and challenging to pair the two. Note to self: Avoid wines with strong tanins when eating spicy foods! The tanins amplify the spiciness.

Spice Junction prides itself on serving up authentic Kerala cuisine. Some dishes here are common but the majority are unique to the Kerala region as not many places in Singapore serve its food. Defintely an interesting place to check out!

Spice Junction
126 Race Course Road (between Muthu's Curry & Gayathri Restuarant)
Tel: 6341 7980

Chew On This: Become a Spice Club member and collect Spice Points with every dollar spent at Spice Junction. The Spice Points can then be used to discount your bills! Do enquire for more details.


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Yummy..!! i join you when i come home eh.. :)

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mama bok: Sure thing! But you've gotta be quick in signing up. Nowadays, places get taken up really fast!