Saturday, June 07, 2008

Curry Favor Please

I'm back from OBS and what fun it was! The Best rawked. Haha. Getting to see a spider da bao (pack away) two big ants and a pangolin at 4+am was like real life National Geographics. Kayaking around Ubin in 6.5 hours was certainly memorable too. Do note: Kayaks are really unfriendly to long-legged folks above 1.8m.

Back to regular food-blogging.

I was happy to support Hushie, Ivy et el at their poster presentation for their Final Year Project. It sure was a very big milestone in their last few months at NTU and I think I had nightmare trying to envision mine. Congrats to the graduating folks! Convo! Convo! Convo!

At the end of the poster session, we made our way down to City Hall and settled at Curry Favor for dinner.

I had the Beef Stewed Curry ($16.90) which came with a choice of either green salad or miso soup. I like the rich, earthy, savoury taste of the curry here. The sweet essence of root vegetables was almost discernible. While the cubes of beef were flavourful, they had a cottony texture that I've experienced with tenderloin sometimes. Maybe brisket or shin would be an interesting substitute. That way, some beefy goodness would have been infused into the already delicious curry.

Curry Favor (another branch in Velocity @ Novena Square)
Stamford House
Tel: 6883 1087
Opens: 12noon-10pm Mondays-Wednesdays
: 12noon-11pm Thursdays-Fridays
: 12noon-10pm Saturdays-Sundays

Chew On This: Psss. This cow hears that they've got a Japanese curry buffet going on at the Velocity branch!


Anonymous said...

Yay! i passed by their velocity branch but didn't eat. they got jap curry buffet in the 20s range.

how come you only took one photo of the food?

Anonymous said...

I prefer their appetizers as I really can't appreciate Jap style curries. Their appetizers, however, are really great - esp. the cheezy stuff!

The Hungry Cow said...

ladyironchef: Yea, I would wanna check out their curry buffet one day too. Managed to take only one photo cos was beaten by hunger! Lol.

indigo: I normally skip appetizers as whetting my appetite is dangerous. Haha. But thanks for the recommendation. I'll keep it in mind during the next visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just chanced upon your blog.

The curry buffet at Velocity is quite value for money, though the service can be a little slow.

Prefer the Stamford House one for its ambience. =)

The Hungry Cow said...

banban: Hello and thanks for dropping by! Curry buffet sounds good. Hope to be able to check it out. :)