Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chill Yo!

Is it me or is the weather getting hotter? Even without the sun at night, the heat seems to still creep in. If it's global warming, the spike in the number of people blasting their air-conditioners will certainly add oil to the fire.

So in these hot days, I found bliss chilling out with a cup of yogurt in hand in cool (read air-con) comfort. Instead of blasting your air-con at home, go to a shopping centre. That way, the air-con is shared by more people....communal usage...maybe it'll be as energy-efficient as taking public transport?

Anyway, back to the yogurt. It's from Yoguru, located at the revamped Kallang Leisure Park. There is a choice of Original or YoguBliss, with the former being frozen white yogurt sans flavouring and the latter currently being a Pomegranate and Pink Dragon Fruit combination. I opted for the twist ($3.80 for regular) which features both the Original and YoguBliss in a swirl.

The Original was nicely tangy and creamy. Good even just on its own! The YoguBliss was rather light in taste and had just a hint of the pomegranate. Dragon fruit (pink or not) is beyond my taste buds. The topping of Honey Nut with Almonds ($1.20 for one topping) added a nice counter texture to the smooth yogurt but lacked a certain aromatic nuttiness. I would have preferred wheat germ. :)

Nonetheless, it was still a very delicious treat especially in this sweltering heatwave. Oh and it made me feel really healthy too.

Ah Kallang Leisure Park brings back memories of my cricketing days....

Kallang Leisure Park
Tel: 6344 8860
Opens: 12pm-10pm (Sundays to Thursdays)
12pm-11pm (Fridays and Saturdays)

Chew On This: Yoguru is Korean for yogurt!


red fir said...
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The Hungry Cow said...

ice: eh where the comment go? *scratches head* But I like Yoguru too! :)

red fir said...

haha I can't remember what I wrote but I thought it was quite a useless comment so I deleted it away!

anyway, yeah! Yoguru is nice! :D They're opening one outlet at Raffles City basement mid June!

The Hungry Cow said...

ice: Nah, the only useless comments are spam. Thanks for informing of their new branch!