Saturday, April 26, 2008

Warmth is...

...coming home to a big bowl of prawn noodles. Thanks Dad!

Freedom in just under a week! Yay.

Btw, I went for my first FHA exhibition and was awed at the scale- seven halls at Expo. But I have to say I was disappointed with the way the organisers handled my registration application. Apparently it got rejected because I'm a student and the event was only open to trade visitors. This despite the fact that two of their exhibitors invited me and I'm into organising food and wine events for the university. Good thing one of the exhibitors I know passed me a free pass.

Oh well, students seem to be classified as 'low life' in many contexts. A grossly short-sighted notion ,in my opinion. Never underestimate the potential of young people. It's a source to be tapped and developed. Hey, besides that, we've got one priceless thing on our side- TIME.

I may not bring in millions of dollars or have a budget of thousands to make purchases at the exhibition, but I think I still ought to at least get an email notifying me of the disapproval of my application yea?


Anonymous said...

Yes.. i'll have to say.. that it's not well handled for years now. Being in the hotel industry for 15 yrs.. made me frown at stuff like that.. i rarely go for FHA .. unless the big boss asked.

JOjo said...

Yes, freedom in 1 wk time~
Yes, indeed His grace is sufficient for us~
All the best~

and that's a huge bowl of noodle you've got there, with lots of "liao4" too~

Anonymous said...

apparently invitation by two of the many exhibitors doesnt mean a thing. unless the exhibitor is a big shot.

The Hungry Cow said...

crunch rex: That coming from a 15-yr industry veteran...I'll take heed! Yea, so much for hospitality.

jojo: Thanks! I'm blessed with big bowls. Hee.

dictator: One of the two is the australian trade commission...I'm not sure what's considered 'big' but my point was actually that I wasn't some kaypoh distant member of the public trying to crash into their event. Besides, a reply is plain courtesy no? =)

Anonymous said...

hahaha, never mind like you say we got time on our side : )

The Hungry Cow said...

ladyironchef: So damn right. We had better make use of time before it abandons us and becomes our enemy!