Friday, April 04, 2008

March Makankakis Dinner 2008

Hey, we are already in April! Which means two things- exams are coming and I've got to blog about March Makankakis Dinner. Brought along my sis, Pearl, for her first Makankakis dinner!

Held in Rabbit Brand Seafood Restaurant, I was wondering if they serve rabbit. Oh rabbit brand!! Thankfully, no claypot bunnies here! :)

Instead, the first dish to arrive was the Braised Shark’s Fin with Japanese Scallop. I had imagined it to be the fresh scallop but it was the dried version that was served. The shark's fin was a little too gooey and definitely too, too salty for my liking.

Next up was the Steamed Live Patin Fish In Nonya Style. I have to admit that this was one ugly-looking fish! Black, rubbery cracked skin and all. But they say don't judge a fish by its appearance. And it was rewardingly so!

The slightly oily texture of the fish was beautiful. Delicate and smooth in the mouth, the flesh was flavoured with the tasty Nonya sauce. This dish prompted orders of rice...1)because people were hungry and 2) the Nonya sauce goes very well with rice!

Deep Fried Live Prawn with Salted Eggs sounds pretty pedestrian as with most things fried with salted egg now. While the prawn was relatively fresh, I would have hoped for a salted egg sauce to cling onto it. The version here did not feature much sauce and was rather salty (tasted like it had too much salt). Not too good on the salted egg punch factor.

Dinner crawled at a slow pace as diners polished dish after dish, waiting and anticipating the next.

So imagine the delight when we saw this!

This monster crab dish of Sri Lanka Crab with Chilli Sauce was a welcome sight at the table. After the cracking and peeling and de-shelling, the meat within was firm and tasted very fresh. Unfortunately the accompanying chili sauce was a tad too sweet and I found it off-balanced.

Still, there was a plate of nicely deep-fried mantou to add more starch to my stomach. It was stated as Handmade Fried Buns on the menu but I really can't tell.

Moving along, the Homemade Spinach Beacurd with Tobikko was another winner on that night! I love the contrast of the soft wobbly insides against the wrinkly brown skin. The sauce with mushrooms was also very delicious. More rice I say! The tobikko added an interesting touch.

Pan-Fried Fragrant Pork Chop would have brought to mind something else than this. Nonetheless, the pork was tender and well-marinated, if a bit fatty.

The Baby Cabbage In Superior Stock featured baby bok choi (if I'm not mistaken) and was a little green haven from all the preceeding meat and seafood. Simply, cruchy veggies. The wolfberries provided a slightly (herbal) sweet counterpoint.

Fried Rice with Shredded Topshell Clam & Tobikko was the last 'proper' dish for the night and it made us wonder.... why is the carbo (be it fried rice or ee-fu mee) always served almost at the end of Chinese dinners, especially Chinese wedding dinners? I feel very empty without carbohydrates.

Back to the fried rice, I didn't observe any topshell clams but rather what I thought were shredded dried scallops. While decent, it could have been fried in the wok a little longer for more wok hei (aroma imparted by the hot wok).

The meal ended on a very (literally) sweet note. The dessert of sea coconut and mixed fruits tasted just like those canned ones. The heavy syrup taste was unmistakable. Where did the fresh fruit platter go?

Both the wines on our table that night came from rather 'exotic' places. The Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot (above left), brought by CJ, was from Israel while the Pinot Noir (above right) was from Brazil! I brought the Brazilian Pinot Noir along as it's one of the most interesting wines I've come across this year. Wines from Brazil are almost unheard of and it's a pity. I find Brazilian wines to be interesting and of good value. This Pinot Noir was chewy and fresh with a nice finish. Allowing it to breath in the bottle over the course of dinner, brought out a floral scent of rose petals. Mmmm.

I'll have to miss the April Makankakis Dinner due to exams...oh boy, I'm begining to hate that E-word already. Will sure miss the Makankakis. Till the next one then, my friends!

Rabbit Brand Seafood Restaurant
325/327 Joo Chiat Roat
Opens: 6pm - 3am daily
Tel: 6348 8772

Chew On This: For those looking for a smaller-scale dinner, the set meals do look enticing!


Anonymous said...

Looking at their set menu.. i can definitely eat there daily.. :)

Anonymous said...

ah, i heard of rabbit before. haha!

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JOjo said...

Yummy~ But how come got wine de?

The Hungry Cow said...

mama bok: It sure looks good yea!

ladyironchef: Rabbit the place or animal? Haha. Have re-linked. Thanks for informing!

jojo: Oh wines are actually not included in the dinner but we normally bring a bottle to share. Makankakis dinners are a good chance to have wines with local/Chinese food. :)