Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Hungry Cow Turns 2-wwwenty Four!

Eating: Easy
Taking shots of the food while family/friends wait eagerly hungrily: Not easy
Food Blogging: Priceless

The Hungry Cow turns two today while the cow behind the blog turns 24! Looking back at entries over the past two years brings back many fond (and delicious) memories of food, fun, wines and laughter. The many unposted entries from the ever-increasing backlog are a constant reminder that one mouth and four stomachs are faster than two hands and one brain. Haha.

The Hungry Cow started two years ago as a hobby and a passion to document my experience with food. The older one gets, the more forgetful lah. :p I am constantly inspired by my fellow food-bloggers who continue to do an amazing job of taking beautiful pictures paired with detailed and often entertaining write-ups. It's quite challenging to maintain a food-blog especially since none of us (I think) is a full-time blogger.

To me, being a food-blogger is kinda crazy. Who wants to go through all the trouble of lugging a camera around everytime he/she steps out, snapping pictures of the food, uploading and optimising photographs, drafting up a blog entry, editing and finally posting it?? With no tangible benefits as well may I add. I can't explain it either. Haha.

So this hungry and crazy cow would like to thank you for supporting this blog, not that it brings me money or food.

Being neither a food expert nor critic, I am honoured and humbled by my regular visitors for your continued viewership and companionship on my gastronomical journal. Exams are here so birthday celebration and food-blogging will have to take a back seat for the next 2-3 weeks. While I will still update, posting may become more irratic. Do bear with me. :)

Chew On This: In case you were wondering, I am still not coming up with a rating system of numbers, stars, chopsticks or woks despite some people's suggestions. But what I hope to do is to label my posts to make it more viewer-friendly. This could happen during the holidays (I hope!).


Anonymous said...

Well.. happy birthday.. to both the cow and the blog.. ;)

Peishan Y. said...

Happy birthday!!
Keep up with the passion!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Yes, we are a crazy bunch of people indeed.

We must thank the people who goes out to eat with us! They have to always pause to let us take a photo before they eat. LOL

Eat on!

Yi Ling said...

Haha yep! My parents complain all the time when I take out my camera to take photos of the food! That explains the lack of food entries on my blog... =S

And happy birthday (albeit late) once again! =)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!
We can always count on the cow for good food! lol!

The Hungry Cow said...

mama bok: Thanks! You've been supporting this blog for quite some time now. :)

peishan_y: Passion kana blanketted by exams. Haha. Thanks!

keropok man: You're right about thanking people who eat at the same table! Maybe that's why I'm rather diplomatic. Lol. Thanks and keep up the fantastic shots!

yiling: Hey, thanks! Ahh..join us crazy people who (camera) flashes the food before eating! So different eating with fellow food-bloggers. Everyone holds the camera before the chopsticks. :p

hitori: Thanks and all the best for your papers too!!

Anonymous said...

i'll haf time for that since xpp gonna be on pa this hols. :P

so that's ur bdae wish huh? hehe


Anonymous said...


Happy second anniversary! Yes i agree, we all are crazy people, tagging along a camera busy snapping pictures of food while people are enjoying their food. lol!

Yeah, all of us are doing this for passion, and besides trying to take the best shots for our readers, we still have to spend quite a lot of time doing the write-ups on the places, which are not easy, and not many people know the process behind it.

Keep up the good work, i look forward to many many more posts and reviews from the hungrycow!

Brad, ladyironchef

The Hungry Cow said...

nayr: Haha. Got time to entertain dpp anot?

brad: Hey thanks dude! You keep blogging too, LIC!

Anonymous said...

Wah... To be 24 again... sigh...

Many Happy Returns!

The Hungry Cow said...

ivan: Thanks dude!