Friday, March 14, 2008

Feburary Charity Makankakis Dinner 2008

It's already the middle of March and I'm just done posting last month's Makankakis Dinner. Eeks. In fact, I reaslised there's another 2 posts on CNY that is on the 'please-spend-some-time-and-blog-me' list. And that's only CNY! Tsk tsk. Haha.

Oh well. Unlike one popular female blogger, I'm not a full-timer. :p

Last month, the monthly Makankakis Dinner took a different twist. We ate and drank in the name of charity. Makansutra kindly sponsored the food for all 56 of us and all the proceeds went to our selected charity- the Breadline Group.

It's cool to know that 100% of the donated amount goes to benefit the charity. A big thanks to Makanguru Seetoh for sponsoring the food.

A welcome drink of Freshly Squeezed Sugarcane with Lemon was such a treat after the journey from Boon Lay. In fact, I gulped it down and forgot to take a photo. Oops.

Dinner started with Earthen Hot Pot with Mushroom and Assorted Vegetables. The claypot sat on an old-school charcoal stove. A bonus point for using charcoal I say!

The very healthy-looking plate held leafy greens, long cabbage, beancurd, golden mushrooms, tomatoes and slices of Osyter King mushrooms (I think). Very healthy indeed. I like it as a warm and light prelude to dinner.

Next came the Assorted Satay in Banana Leaf Cone. Sticks of beef, mutton and chicken satay were grabbed fast. Slightly sweet and savoury, each stick of meat had a nice firm bite. The accompanying peanut sauce was also thick and spicy and deliciously paired with the satay.

Now, BBQ Chicken Wings are everybody's favourite. And to get a sub-standard one would be disappointing. I was disappointed. The ones here were lacking in taste. I think somehow the marinate had not permeated the meat well. The chili sauce was a tad to sharp for my liking and failed to save the wings in distress.

Fortunately, its partner, the Chili Chicken was much better. Crispy deep-fried pieces of chicken dipped in a tangy chili sauce makes one wanna ask for rice.

The next dish really puzzled me when I first saw it on the menu. Fishball noodles? I was wondering how it would be shared since all the items were served in one plate and placed in the centre of the table for communal sharing. Honestly, silly me was hoping to be amused by a big bowl of fishball noodles in the middle of the table. But thankfully, the organisers had more sense. A small bowl was served to each diner. One word- decent.

Another one word- indecent. The Black Fried Carrot Cake was way to soft and tasted one-dimensionally sweet.

It's fairer cousin failed too. Sadly, there wasn't enough kick in the White Fried Carrot Cake too. No crispy edges, no smokey notes and insufficient chai poh (preserved raddish) made this flat.

My heart sunk after the poor showing by the fried carrot cakes. The sight of the BBQ Stingray was met by lowered expectations. Luckily I found comfort in the meaty flesh of the stingray despite the average chili.

There was a buzz as Orh Luak (Oyster Omelette) made its way to the table. I didn't eat the oysters but the pieces of fried tapioca starch with eggs, dipped into the spicy chili sauce were good.

For desserts, we had the Roti Kaya Fondue. I felt it was a bit of a misnomer as it was simply sticks of bread to be dipped into a small container of kaya. The word 'fondue' probably brought to mind something else. On the whole, I would think it was a fun take of the usual kaya toast.

Part two of desserts was a choice of either Cheng Tng or Chendol. I picked the former and requested for it to be iced. Even with the shaved ice, the Cheng Tng was still too thick and syrupy for me. The ingrdients of white fungus, lotus seed, gingko nut and dried persimmon strips were good though.

I took a spoonful of Chendol from Ewan and found it to be rich. The coconut milk was ample and the gula melaka (brown palm sugar) evident.

Wines for the night.

Nice to meet Tangawizi, Laurent and Sandra! I think this has got to be the post with the most mention of 'chili sauce'.

Makansutra Gluttons Bay
#01-15 Esplanade Mall
Opens: 6pm to 3am

Chew On This: This may not be, IMHO, the best place for local food but the central location, close proximity to Cityhall, late closing hours and the lovely evening breeze from the near-by river add to the appeal.


Anonymous said...

Bummer .. ! that food wasn't that good.. :(

The Hungry Cow said...

See the things I do for charity? :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha! good, can eat at the same time helping charity! can i go next time too? lol

The Hungry Cow said...

ladyironchef: Eating while helping charity is definitely more fun! Haha. Btw, yea sure. Do join us for makankakis as it's open to everyone and anyone. =)