Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Swiss or German? Whack la!

Tired from shopping or just need a satisfying perk-me-up? I know coffee comes to mind but who can resist sausages?!

Not me. And I found myself snacking on these sausages from Swiss German Sausage Bar over at Takashimaya basement. The Sausage Platter Set Meal ($13) comes with Pork Bockworst, French Garlic Chicken, Muncher Weisswurst with Mashed Potato, Sauerkraut and Soft Drink plus either a Salad of the Day, Soup or Dessert.

The Soup (Clam chowder) that visit was really average. So I shall just skip to the sausages.

These beauties had a slightly oily coat on their taut skins that snapped firmly upon each bite. Before I sound like some sicko in Hostel or Saw... I am talking about sausages! The herbs within the sausages could actually be tasted and none were excessively salty. A pity that the sides of mashed potato and sauerkraut were rather stingy portion-wise.

Swiss German Sausage Bar
Ngee Ann City
(outside Cold Storage)

Chew On This: If you need something more substantial, you might wanna consider the pasta place opposite them. It's under the same management and you can order and sit at either.


Anonymous said...

hi leroy!

i love the pasta place thats just opposite.

thats when my taka vouchers come in handy. haha.


Yi Ling said...

omg haha the sausages sound just like the kind i've been looking for! haha... canned sausages and those from Ikea cannot make it lar.. haha... but hey, have u tried the hotdog from mos burger? it's good!!! =)

The Hungry Cow said...

mel: Hey the ghost-viewer finally comments! Haha. I had the pasta too together with the sausages but will keep it for another time perhaps.

Can use taka vouchers there??? Alamak. I thought these were independent stalls. If you have a sweet tooth, do check out Minamoto Kitchen just outside Cold Storage for pretty Japanese sweets!

yiLIng: Gogogo get some! The canned and Ikea types don't have the nice snappy skin. Hmm..haven had mos in a while but now that you mentioned...

Anonymous said...

Love the sausages.. but can only eat one .. ;)

The Hungry Cow said...

mama bok: Be faithful and enjoy that one special sausage then!