Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Fragrant Pasta

Before there was Pasta de Waraku, there was Pasta Cafe. For many years it has occupied a corner in the basement of Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre, more commonly known as Takashimaya. And for that many years, it evaded me.

What used to be dim and countryside-cottage-cozy has now been refurbished to spot a modern, trendy look with an air of casualness.

It was somehow because of trying to sell my stuff at Lime Flea Market that I found myself and Jenny here for lunch on Saturday. Hungry, we promptly sent in our orders.

We shared a Soup of the Day (S.O.D. in the menu) which was Minestrone. At $3, it was one of the more satisfying soups around. I loved its tomatoey richness and the chockfull of soft vegetables lurking beneath was a delight.

Jenny (Q.O.B in the League) ordered the Scallop Cream Pasta ($15.90). I took a mouthful of the pasta and found it too soft for my liking. The cream sauce was also flat with not much of a taste. On the other hand, they were rather generous with the scallops.

My Genovese ($12.90) consisted of spaghetti tossed in basil, olive oil and accompanied by potato cubes and French beans. While the pasta was similarly too over-cooked for my preferrence, the rest of this dish simply shone. The basil and olive oil combination was aromatic and superbly fragrant. Small blocks of starchy potatoes contrasted nicely with the crunchy French beans while the small cubes of tomato added a bit of acid. Delicious.

I had a relatively simple pasta lunch with zero meat (and everybody go WHAT?? How can???). Even I was surprised.

To end off the meal, we shared the Strawberry Shortcake ($2.62). It was light and just slightly sweet with the bit of tartness of the strawberries balancing out the cream. No guilty feelings after eating this light and yummy cake. In fact it reminded me of another strawberry shortcake here.

The food here at Pasta Cafe isn't exactly what I would term cheap. But as with most things, cheap is relative. The Minestrone and Strawberry Shortcake certainly were worth it! As for the mains, I have heard that Pasta de Waraku offers decent pastas at more competive prices. I haven't been there so no comments. That I'll leave for another meal, for another time.

PS: Perhaps it would be good to inform the wait staff of your choice of pasta and to request to have it less-cooked.

Pasta Cafe
Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6734 1638
Opens: 11am - 10pm daily with last orders at 9.30pm

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Anonymous said...

I find pasta cafes ... to be a hit or miss case.. ;)

Anonymous said...

never notice this pasta cafe. might give it a try if i pass by next time.

hmm.. the shortcake looks worth it, cheap too! hahahah

The Hungry Cow said...

mama bok: And I agree too. Overcooked pasta aside, the genovese was really fragrant! Alas.

ladyironchef: I had to check the receipt twice to believe the price of the shortcake. Haha.