Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Year End Cook-Out

The year end holidays means time off academia and time to cook. Throw in the fact that with Christmas and the New Year's squeezed in this period of weeks, the whole festive mood spurs me on to cook for the League... not that I need motivation to cook for my good friends anyway. After moving to my new place about 2 months ago, it was also a good chance for the League to visit.

So I came up with an 8-course dinner for the 8 of us. I didn't have a theme and just cooked up anything that I fancied.

Devilled Egg & Cream Cracker Chicken. The use of cream crackers to coat the chicken was inspired from my late grandma's pork chop recipe.

Prawn Bisque with Spinach & Cheese Ravioli.

Baked Potato Skin with Garlic Mash. This was a modification of the recipe from Epicurious.

Chermoula Grilled Sea Bass with Grilled Asparagus. The chermoula, which I had learnt from Chef Samia at Coriander Leaf, was delicious. It's a really good marinate and the smell was incredible!

Simply Beef with Roasted Red Peppers, Onions & Garlic. This salad/salsa was also learnt from Chef Samia. It seems that the reason why people like or dislike this salad/salsa is the same- cumin.

It was at this point that most people were too full for the upcoming pasta. So we skipped it and went on the dessert, Purple.

Purple refers to the Ondeh Ondeh that we made using purple sweet potatoes.

I was busy preparing the other dishes and so couldn't help in making the Ondeh Ondeh but I'm glad they all had fun mashing, mixing and rolling.

My "floor manager" even got an itch for bowling.

The final result looks more like the Ondeh Ondeh we know but due to a little kitchen 'miscom', it was no where what the original should have been. The skin was too thick and not springy enough. Other than gula melaka (palm sugar), we tried 72% chocolate but it didn't go well. All in all, we all had fun! The original recipe was based on the Baker's.

Thanks for coming and allowing me to cook! We should have more cook-outs man. Cheaper than eating out too. The immense satisfaction and joy from cooking for one's loved ones go beyond words.

Oh and the celebrity of the night?

Missing dearly:
Cherie: In Taiwan.
Jas: My guess, it's still that darned table.
Marcus: In Australia.
Eugene: Pilot needed to do refill elsewhere and so couldn't land.

PS: Thanks for the pics, Ryan!


Anonymous said...

Yummy yummy : )

Anonymous said...

I must thank you for the glorious yummilicious food!! =D

cal said...

my fave looks like the cheeze ravioli!

i wanna be invited next time!! *thick skinned*

Anonymous said...

I see a new league member? Wooohoo... and im not referrin to prince.

The Hungry Cow said...

ladyironchef: :) Thanks!

nayr: I must thank you, this da mang ren, for coming!

cal: Sure, you are most welcome. Let me know if you wanna bake/cook a bit and I'll try to organise one. Need longer time to cook thicker skin though. :p

jas: Long time no see and no Christmas greetings, New Year wishes or regards but a 'Who's the new League member?'???!!! Haha. Ewan's sis la.

Anonymous said...

omg u can really cook!!!!!=O

-ivy (yr 1)

The Hungry Cow said...

ivy t: No lah. Just masak-masak only. :p Thanks for dropping by!