Friday, December 07, 2007

KTY et el Flies to Sunset Grill & Bar

The last KTY et el trips were to Colbar and Gone Fishing. This time, it was another adventure finding the place.

For off the beaten path restaurants, few places can beat Sunset Grill & Bar I reckon. It's super ulu in an old army camp and at night some of the roads do not even have street lights! When I was about to reach the restaurant, I suddenly thought of my friend Neil. I bet if given the chance, he'll run amok with a rifle and play CS in the aeroplane hangers.

But back to Sunset Grill & Bar. KTY et el decended onto the premises and after a few minutes at the table, the surroundings seemed so unlike Singapore. Small planes landing and taking off in the near-by field, wild dogs running around among the tall grass, the absence of car horns and the hustle and bustle of the city, plenty of lush fields, trees, the sunset, the mosquitos... Hey wait a minute. Is that 1800-XDENGUE?

Wearing jeans was a smart choice and ignoring the mosquito coils that surrounded the outdoor seats, we made our orders.

Dinner for me was the Hamburger Steak ($18.50) which was served with baked potato or fries and coleslaw or seasonal vegetables. The hamburger steak was nicely seasoned and juicy but it was hardly enough to be satisfying, size-wise. The accompanying sauce was dominated by black pepper and was redundant, I felt. The baked potato and seasonal vegetables were average but added some much needed starch and fibre.

Honestly, I enjoyed the company and environment more than the food that night. It's really getting hard to find such places in Singapore anymore.

Sunset Grill & Bar
Republic of Singapore Flying Club
140-B Picadilly
Seletar Airbase
East Camp
Opens: Daily at 4pm. Last order at 9.30pm.
Closes: Tuesdays

Chew On This: My small ears heard that this place may be forced to close due to the development of the area for the aerospace industry. Catch it while you can.

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