Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cheap & Good!

This year, prices of flour, maize and wheat have hit the roof due to unfavourable weather conditions leading to poor harvests and demand overstripping supply. To add oil to the fire, the sharp increase in oil prices has driven the cost of everything up.

But tough situations simply showcase a BIG God who is more than able to provide.

It is said 'Seek and you shall find.' In this case, it found me without much of me seeking. Jeremy brought me to this hawker centre for kway chap but this mee rebus stall caught my attention. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the prices for the bowl of mee rebus.

$1?? Intrigued, I joined the queue and ordered the next bigger serving at $1.20. Yes, I had that much faith in 20 cents. The $1.20 portion reminded me of my primary school tuckshop food and if I had wanted, I could have finished the noodles in three mouthfuls. But at this day and age, $1.20 was definitely a steal. It even came with a whole boiled egg to boot. I've eaten $2.50 mee rebus elsewhere that serves only halve an egg.

The taste of the gravy was tasty with dried shrimps, shallots and tau cheo (fermented beans). Do squeeze the lime and drizzle a little kicap manis to enhance the yummy-factor. The other good point was that they actually blanched the beansprouts well. Raw and undercooked beansprouts are a big turn-off for me.

Good food at low prices are such a gem these days!

Selera Kita Mee Rebus
#01-217 New Upper Changi Road Block 58 Market And Food Centre
Opens: 9am - 5pm (Monday to Thursday)
9am - 2pm (Weekends)
Closes: Fridays

Chew On This: Because a meal doesn't get any more delicious at this price point.


Anonymous said...

Wow! mee rebus.
That is something I forgot to try when I went back to SG.

Alex's World! -

The Hungry Cow said...

Alamak, now you'll have to wait till the next time you're back. Must do up a To-Eat list before returning. Lol

Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of Mee rebus.. but will give it another try.. when i next come home.. ;)

Yi Ling said...

hey! the mee rebus there is nice, i agree! if i'm not wrong, there's a stall in the same hawker centre that sells really good bak chor mee too! but u have to wait rather long for it. Maybe u can give it a try the next time u're there! =)

The Hungry Cow said...

crunchasarus rex: Hope you'll like it then. But there's plenty of other mee out there to pick. Don't have to try this if mee rebus is not your cup of tea. :)

yiling: Oh wow, bak chor mee sounds like another mee to target the next time I'm there. Thanks!