Monday, October 15, 2007

Old School Chicken Rice

Sin Kee is another old school chicken rice instituition in Singapore. Like most of the other famous chicken rice stalls (Boon Tong Kee, Loy Kee, Swee Kee, Wee Nam Kee, Ming Kee etc), it has a 'Kee' in its name. I really have no idea what's the connection between 'Kee' and chicken rice. Kee siao ah.

But the chicken (~$12 for 1/2 a bird) here is really good. Plump. Juicy. Tender. Supple white breast that made me wonder if SK2 had gone into the poultry market. The meat also had a pleasant 'chickeny' taste which made me feel like eating the whole bird. The fragrant soy sauce mixture that was splashed over the chopped chicken was truly alluring.

After savouring the chicken on its own, try it with the chilli sauce, dark soy sauce and minced ginger. The chilli sauce was a tad too sour for my liking. But still this dependable trio hardly fails.

As for the rice (~30-50 cents), it was nicely flavoured with chicken stock and ginger. The grains were soft and yet sufficiently firm. I was happy too that it wasn't too oily.

Sin Kee's certainly an old school chicken rice instituition that serves up good chicken rice in an equally old school hawker centre. Atheletic chickens need not apply.

Sin Kee Chicken Rice
Margaret Drive Food Centre
Tel: 6471 0355
Opens: 10.30am-9pm
Closed on Monday

Chew On This: For those with weak stomachs, it may be more advisable to eat chicken rice earlier in the day (assuming they cook the chicken in the day). A chicken that was cooked in the morning and left to hang till it reaches your plate at 7pm will be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. They love supple white breast too. Just some food for thought.

Note: The prices here are as best as I can remember. I apologise for not being able to state the exact price. Exams are coming and memory space is limited.


Bottomless Pit said...

Great Review! Like the chicken neh neh rice there too! no thinning of the meat by smashing with the cleaver.Good stuff!

Try the "Ye Lai Xiang" Western food on level 1 as well and char kway tiao which i have never found enough patience to queue up for then tell me how is it!

Keep it up !

The Hungry Cow said...

Hey thanks! Glad to hear from another fan of their chicken rice. Alamak, didn't know you had sixth sense. Now the readers know what's coming up. ;)

Neil said...

Yo, nice to see reviews of great stalls from the west, just in case you are interested, there is another chicken rice stall which is located on the 1st storey and is only open until mid-afternoon which i find is just as good. If you'd like i can introduce it to you one day.

The Hungry Cow said...

neil: Another good chicken rice stall there? Cool. We should have a chicken rice outing there one day! Haha.