Monday, October 29, 2007


Oops. I just realised I had forgotten to post up on Eugene's Birthday! So this is where better late than never comes in and here it is.

Eugene arranged for dinner at Ichiban Boshi Wisma and boy have I not seen him for quite a long time prior to this. The League took this opportunity to catch up, especially with Eugene.

For dinner, I chose the Business Gozen ($14.90). Don't ask me why there's a 'business' in the name of this set. Beats me as well. But the variety that was listed on the menu was rather appealing- salmon sashimi, grilled mackerel, assorted tempura, chawanmushi, appetizer and rice set. Plus the serving of fruit and miso soup, it all seemed very substantial.

While I was expecting the appetizer to be pickles, it turned out to be a small cube of tofu with some salty mushy unidentified stuff on top. With regards to the rest of the items in this set, I would say they were mediocre. Nothing really bad but also nothing that would entice me to order it again. But I do appreciate the variety and the affordability.

Since David Copperfield may not be coming over to Singapore anymore, I thought some of the League members may have potential to enter his trade...or not.

Amateur Cherie tries her best.

Neil, the Master, shows how it should have been done! Haha. Let me indulge in some silliness while exam fever creeps up. Arghhh.

Ichiban Boshi
Wisma Atria (various other branches)
Tel: 6734 7277
Opens: 11am to 10pm (last order at 9.30pm)

Chew On This: Ichiban Boshi literally translates to 'the first star'!

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