Saturday, September 15, 2007

West-Side Lemak (Halal)

One should eat from more than one stall at a hawker centre. This I firmly believe in. So besides the prawn noodles, I queued up and tried the other famous stall here in Adam Road Food Centre- Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak.

$4 got me a Full House- a plate of nasi lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk), sambal chilli, fried chicken wing, otak (grilled spicy fish paste in banana leaves), ikan bilis (anchovies), a fried egg and slices of cucumber. The rice used here is basmati rice, which had a soft, fluffy texture. This was my first time eating nasi lemak made with basmati rice. Interesting. But I think I still prefer my basmati rice in briyanni.

There was just a subtle taste of the coconut milk in the rice. So people looking for a strong blast of coconut milk, would probably find this one lacking in flavour. A pity though that the subtle flavour was killed by the sambal which was way too sweet for my liking.

Luckily, my taste buds found joy in the chicken wing which was deliciously-moist inside, well-marinated and had a crispy exterior to boot. A sure winner. Give me a Full House of these Chicken Wings man. Finger-licking good no?

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak
Adam Road Food Centre
Stall 2
2 Adam Road
Opens: 6.30am to 10pm
Tel: 9843 4509 (Mr Hassan)

Chew On This: This nasi lemak is literally fit for kings. Apparently, the Sultans of Johore and Brunei like this nasi lemak enough to have their butlers packed it back to their residences.


Peishan Y. said...

Ohhh.. my fave nasi lemak in town yet.. love the basmati rice! and the sambal chili is sweet enough for my liking heh.. and of course the crispy chicken wings! need no reason to travel all the way to east oh changi anymore! :P while you are there the nxt time, look out for the house of teh halia.. claims to be the best. i still have my qualms about it though. (x

The Hungry Cow said...

peishan y: about changi...I haven had theirs in a loooong while. House of Teh Halia? Now that sounds interesting. I'll keep in mind when I pop-by again. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Looking at your hawker food is making me so hungry for them!

The Hungry Cow said...

karen: I know the feeling especially when you don't get to eat them over at where you are now. Heck. Enjoy the maple syrup till the tooth drops!