Wednesday, September 26, 2007

KTY et al just Gone Fishing

Philosophies can some times lead to the setting up of a cafe. Strange thing to say you might think. But it was so in this case of Gone Fishing- a small cafe with character.

Located in the sleepy neighbourhood of Hillview, Gone Fishing is the brainchild of husband and wife, Kenny and Mei Chin. They left the corporate world for a family-centred lifestyle.

This cafe exudes different vibes. It's friendly staff and laidback atmosphere offers warmth and comfort. Yet at the same time, it is peaceful enough for one to enjoy a good book/magazine, or just be with oneself. Time for work, time for bath, time for meals (If there's really such a thing.), time for sleep, time for friends, time for celebrations, time for loved ones, time for hobbies, time for pet, time for blah blah blah.

Hardly any time for self. Such is the plight of most of us especially in a fast-paced society. What happened to 'stop and smell the flowers'? Don't let NParks' efforts go down the lokang man.

On this visit, it was time for friends. After Colbar, KTY et al dropped by Gone Fishing for a drink.

My order of Ultimate Cooler ($5.80) was according to the menu 'a refreshing fruit based cooler with a kick!' This blended drink had a burst of flavours from tropical fruits, with pineapple and peach being more dominant. The interesting factor as that this drink had a slight salty aftertaste. It did well in sips but if gulped down in copious amounts, the salty tang was rather overdone. Still, it was a good thirst quencher with a refreshing, icy touch.

Gone Fishing
15 Chu Lin Road
Tel: 6762 9901
Opens: Wednesdays to Sundays, from 11.30am - 11.30pm
Closed: Mondays & Tuesdays (except for talks/special events)

Chew on This: Come on the last Thursday of every month to catch Farid perform his magic tricks from 8 to 10pm.

This jolly chap goes around mingling and performing tricks from table to table. Really entertaining! He magically reproduced a ball in my hand into two balls! Check out Trillusion Magic for details and to contact them for enquiries.

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