Saturday, September 08, 2007

Miss Clarity

It seems that the images of stick girls and bright multi-coloured theme have attracted many. And so have the affordably-priced fare.

I opted to make my pasta a set meal by adding $3. This means that I get to pick a soup/salad, a drink and a dessert of the day. The salad was pretty normal. Mainly composed of iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots, I like the few sprigs of watercress that added a bit more flavour. Dressing was Thousand Island, not exactly my favourite but that's just my preference.

For the drink, I had iced barley. They claimed that it was homemade and after the first sip, I wholeheartedly agree. With just the right sweetness and without the gooey sludge that sometimes end up at the bottom after long periods of boiling, the barley here was simple and good. Yes, there are bad barleys out there.

This pasta really enticed me on the menu and so when it arrived, I was equally excited. Oxtail and Squid in Black Ink ($14.90) sounds good ya? The linguine could be a little firmer but the mix of oxtail, squid and black ink was delicious. The oxtail had been braised till soft and tender while the squid was done right without being overly-chewy or squishy. There wasn't much of the squid ink though and I couldn't taste it either.

On this visit, the dessert of the day was mango sorbet. This, for me, was a bit of a disappointment as I found it lacking in flavour. But at $3 for the addition of a salad, an iced barley and a mango sorbet, I don't think I should expect too much. It's already valued-for-money.

The bright colours and cute design of the cafe may seem girly (and it is) but Miss Clarity does a good job of providing a cheerful place with relatively decent food at pocket-friendly prices. The splashes of pink, green, yellow and blue add a dose of colour-therapy to uplift tired, grumpy moods. No pills required, thank you.

Miss Clarity Cafe
5 Purvis Street (other branches at Upper Thomson and Tanjong Katong)
Tel: 6339 4803
Opens: Mondays to Saturdays 11am - 11pm
Public Holidays 11am - 11pm
Closed on Sundays
*Reservations recommended

Chew On This: The cafe is named after the neice of the owner. Now I wonder what about those images of stick girls...


Anonymous said...

Miss Clarity Cafe is one of cutest cafe I been to ahaha. Their pan fried fish is also not bad and the bread and butter pudding is good too. However please make a reservation if you are going on weekdays' evening and Saturday evening, it can get super crowded.

cal said...

my barley drink was bad bad bad... strange taste being diluted... i'd rather had plain water :/

but i love the fish cordon bleu - ham + melted cheese - and crayfish pasta there (= YUMMY!

The Hungry Cow said...

ying ying: Thanks for mentioning. I forgot to add the reservation part which I'll now include. :)

cal: Oh dear, sorry to hear about the bad barley. I've only visited Miss Clarity once so I can't comment on consistency. Crayfish pasta sounds tempting man. :o~~

Thanks for the food recommendations, girls.

Yi Ling said...

hey, glad to hear u enjoyed miss clarity! haha it's one of my favourite places too. the service there is good as well, and i always have a good time there. it's a "place where happy people meet"! =)

anyway, u can try their chicken ballotine, it's quite good too, and their mushroom soup is, well, very mushroomy. ;) i thought the mashed potatoes in their bangers and mash was rather decent too. =)

The Hungry Cow said...

yiling: Ooo..more recommendations (thanks!) and your comment takes the total comments to 3, all from girls! This cafe really does a good job attracting the girls eh. :p