Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hushie's 23rd @ Wiener Kaffehaus

Having always been wanting to try out this place, I was happy that Hushie picked Wiener Kaffehaus for her birthday dinner. I love the fact that we Singaporeans love using celebrations as excuses to eat, not that we need one anyway.

The insides of the Kaffehaus was warm and inviting to stay, with the dark wood stair rails and cupboards providing an understated touch of elegance. The interior was slightly dim at night but soft orange light that bounced off peach-coloured walls made dining comfortable.

I ordered the Tafelspitz ($19) which according to the menu was 'boiled beef brisket with cream spinach and rosti potatoes'.

While boiled beef brisket didn't sound too exciting, it turned out better than that sounded. The beef was tasty but unfortunately its strands were tough. That made sense not to offer a bigger portion as doing so will only torment the jaws.

What I was disappointed with was the 'rosti potatoes' which were totally nothing like rosti that I had in mind. No shredded potatoes that were crispy on the outside and yet soft inside. It was more like diced potatoes fried with onions and, if I wasn't hallucinating, bits of bacon. It wasn't bad. It just wasn't rosti.

The greenish stuff above looked like Martian baby food, freshly beamed down from some UFO. It was actually cream spinach, which tasted a little too bland for my liking. Smooth but bland. Maybe some roasted garlic or flavoured salt would jazz this up.

This year marks the 175th anniversary of the Sachertorte. I've long heard about it but have yet to try it so it wasn't a difficult decision when it came to desserts.

The Sachertorte ($4.80/slice) was moist and had a nice chocolate layer on the outer surface but the taste of the cake itself was kinda confusing. To a certain extend, weird. I just can't describe it. Perhaps my taste buds went into hibernation. It certainly didn't taste like the raspberry and chocolate combination that I was expecting.

A second attempt at dessert brought the Linzeraugen ($2.80) to the table. Talk about weird. One spoonful into my mouth and it blew my the toilet. Descriptions such as 'toilet freshener' came to mind. I found that highly disturbing and had to suck on a tea bag to remove any horrid aftertaste. After the cardboard-mixed-with-meat-in-a-pau hoax, the last thing I want is some toilet sanitiser flavouring my tart.

I don't know if this is how desserts taste like in Austria, but I think I'll be giving these two a pass and try something else the next time.

Funky, weird desserts aside, Happy 23rd Birthday Hushie! It sure was a present-loaded one. Thanks for the group pic.

Wiener Kaffehaus
148 Neil Road
Tel: 6226-3148
Opens 10am-10pm daily.

Chew On This:
Here at Wiener Kaffehaus, the coffee beans are roasted in house. That's some thing you don't find at a regular Starbucks or Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf. While I didn't order coffee this time, I'll definitely try it the next time round.


Anonymous said...

wow, ur site is so good! It aint helping me cos i am looking at ur site now at 1.21am and i am sooooo hungry! Thumbs up for this site~! thank for sharing these food reviews!

Anonymous said...

so so so sorry, but i just have to ask, Who is that girl in the back in black? Dun seem to regconise her. New shadow member?

The Hungry Cow said...

MyBeautyReviews: Thanks. I'm encouraged by your kind compliments. I know how you feel as I usually do my post past midnight. So I'm affected too. :p

Jas: Think you're refering to Ivy Foo. She's in NTU and our NP senior. Hushie invited her.

Anonymous said...

Hey HC, I can't help but echo your opinions about the place actually. I tried their sachertorte and had such high hopes, only to be dashed by the supremely dry cake. Still finding for THE sachertorte though! =) BTW, nice to meet you!

The Hungry Cow said...

daffy: Yea, it was disappointing after hearing so much about sachertorte. Let me know when you find a decent one! Haha.