Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy 42th Birthday Singapore!

9th August will always be a special day. A day to comemorate the rags-to-riches story of the island state. A day where the annual parade draws people to the parade venue and thousands more to their TV or computers. A day where red and white are the predominant colours. A day where a medley of National Day songs are sung and fireworks light the sky.

This day, patrotism swells within hearts as the National Day message and songs are broadcasted. This year, I realise they are in line with the Government's call for Singaporeans to be creative and daring to venture forth and seize challenges. Singaporeans studying or working abroad are asked to 'connect' back home.

'One people, one nation, one Singapore.' 'Count on me Singapore.' 'Stand up for Singapore.' 'This is home surely.'

Call it propaganda, but it's messages that will enforece unity, committment and ensure our nation's progress in the ever-changing world. Home is where the heart is, where family and friends are. And I'm thankful that it's also where good food is.

I love you, Singapore.

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