Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Maple Story

My sister just got back from Canada and I knew the smart girl would bring home goodies without me even asking. Yay!

Maple syrup is definitely distinctively Canadian. Better than honey I feel. I like the crystal sweetness that has a slight 'matured wood' taste to it. And by that I have to clarify I don't go around licking branches. It's the kind of same taste of wine or vinegar that has been matured in wooden barrels. After all, maple syrup is derived from the sap of the maple tree's bark.

The real surprise for me was the punnets of blueberries wrapped in newspaper. Blueberries are not quite considered a local fruit in Singapore and their prices tend to be rather high for a few handfuls. So when faced with five big punnets of blueberries that have been hand-carried and air-flown from Canada, I couldn't help it but to grin from ear to ear. Each blueberry was firm and burst into sweetness with a tinge of tartness in the mouth. Nothing like fresh beautiful blueberries.

So with the maple syrup and blueberries in the fridge, I pulled myself up early on one Sunday morning and made pancakes. I was feeling lazy and so bought an off-the-shelf pancake mix the night before. Add eggs, milk and mix. Perfect when laziness strikes.

With lots of maple syrup left in the bottle, I know it's only the beginning of my maple story. And I expect nothing less than a sweet ending.

Chew On This: Despite its name, blueberries are more greenish on the inside. Only the skin gives it the characteristic blue hue. They have loads of vitamins and antioxidants so gobble them whenever you lay hands on some.


cal said...

Your pancakes made me have 2nd thoughts on skipping supper or breakfast later!

Looks yummy!

Jazon said...

*slurp... show me the "MAPLE STORY" LOL.. :P

The Hungry Cow said...

Cal: I'm sorry to have disrupted your meal cycle. ;P

Jazon: Glad you like it too. Another Maple fan.

Rebecca said...

oooh i loove blueberries! haha

Rebecca said...

oh im peishan's cousin btw :P

The Hungry Cow said...

Hi there! I sort of guessed as much as well. Pity blueberries are so expensive here.