Sunday, July 01, 2007

Maccies Surprise!

In the sprawling mall of Siam Paragon, my eyes lit up as I walked past gourmet bakeries and Parisian confectioneries. Was that a macaroon that just winked at me? Sub-consciously, I back-trekked and found myself grinning at the display case.

Maccies! I don't normally associate Bangkok with macaroons so it was a sweet surprise. Or maybe they followed me all the way to Bangkok.

I forgot to take note of the prices and exact names of some of the items here but I can still give a rough estimate for some of them.

A box of five macaroons costs about 85 Baht which makes it around 80 Singapore cents each. That's quite cheap relative to those found here in Singapore. The ones here at Lenotre were delightfully chewy and very sweet. I guess the high sugar content is crucial for the texture of the macaroon since most I've tried were all sweet. Very sweet. My favourite flavour here was the lemon one which had the right amount of tartness to stand up to the sweetness. I like. This reminds me, I should be posting up my second macaroon attempt at home in a while.

It seemed Lenotre was a little obsessed with macaroons that even the cup which I was sipping tea from had a few macaroons printed as graphics. And almost every cup, saucer, plate, salt and pepper shaker etc had a 'Lenotre' imprinted on them. French pride I sense.

This Almond Pastry (~S$2) tasted buttery, sweet and had a nice bit of crunch from the layer of almond slices. Sinful indeed.

Tiramisu (~S$5) here looked beautiful in a glass, displaying the layers of mascarpone and sponge fingers. A nice touch I liked was the crunchy bits of biscuits coated with chocolate that made up the top layer. It made for an interesting contrast to the smooth and rich mascarpone. There was a substantial liqueur kick from the soaked sponge layer but I think soggy sponge fingers and soft mascarpone was a little too 'mushy' for my liking. Perhaps something firmer could be used instead of sponge fingers.

Panna Cotta (~S$5) is another popular dessert and the version here at Lenotre tasted as good as it looks. Soft vanilla pudding oozed creaminess and a gentle sweetness while the middle layer of berries compote had a sourish tang. There were bits of macerated berries in there too. The slices of fresh fruits on the top added a 'healthy' touch.

The desserts here were all eye-candies. Everything looked so tempting, I had a hard time resisting buying one of each. So the next time anyone's in Siam Paragon, remember to check out this place for tea and dessert!

Ground Floor #32-991
Siam Paragon
Tel: 66(2) 129-4365

Chew On This: For maccie nuts (the people, not the flavour!), there's a Macaroon Pyramid (3000 Baht) available for purchase.

A tallish cone with different flavoured macaroons stuck to it makes a beautiful table centre piece and would be an instant conversation starter. Now, if only I can lug this on board...


Peishan Y. said...

OMG at the panna cotta and equally yummy-looking tiramisu! I WANT!!!!! ;P

The Hungry Cow said...

So the League trip to Bangkok? Haha.

Miss Bangkok Hotels said...

Thank you for sharing traveling post. I heard that the most famous shopping centre is Siam where has both in-out door shopping centres but i like Jatujak weekend Market more....

The Hungry Cow said...

Miss Bangkok Hotels: Hi there! It's my pleasure. ;)