Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Best a Steak Can Get?

Hog's Breath has been around for quite some time now and though I've been wanting to try it, things somehow don't work out...until now. Dinner was arranged at their Holland Village branch to meet up with kty (PhD) who was camera shy. It's pretty cool to hang out with your lecturer. Loads to gossi catch-up between the League and him.

Kty (PhD) quipped that most of my posts cover places in the East (he stays in the West). I have to admit that having lived in Bendemeer, now Tanah Merah and soon to be Changi, I'm geographically biased towards the West. Or maybe I'm just more exposed to the East. I'm hoping he'll bring me to check out the West. *hint*

Anyway back to Hog's Breath. A hog is a boar. A pig. But no, I'm not here for pork. It's their much-touted steaks that I'm here for. A cow for a cow.

I ordered their 300g Natural Prime Rib ($32.50) medium-rare, wanting to taste the full unadulterated taste of the meat. I took the option of making my steak a Megacut which means upgrading the size of the steak by another about 100g ($8) Unfortunately, I did not get to see the meat until about 35 minutes later. The staff must have been really busy chasing the Australian cow I guess. Either that or the kitchen couldn't cope with the almost full restaurant.

As the minutes ticked by, so did my hunger and expectation. When the meat had finally arrived, my fork and knife quickly sprung to life and began sawing through the very promising steak.

The insides looked over-cooked and chewing on a piece confirmed it. My heart slowly sank. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when the male service staff popped by to enquire if the mains were alright. I informed him of my over-done steak, which he immediately offered to get it replaced. He came back minutes later with a new piece and explained to me that as their steaks are all cooked for up to 18 hours, the insides of the meat tend not to be bloody.

I related that if that's the case, customers should be informed that the 'rare-est' the meat can get is a medium. I mean don't give me a choice of ordering medium-rare if my meat can't meet that expectation. And hungrily tucked into my dinner. The steak was sufficiently thick and the char grill marks added a nice charred aroma though some areas were too charred for my preference. The beef was flavourful and had a nice earthy taste. I would have liked it juicier and definitely more tender. After masticating through 400g of beef, my jaws are now more muscular.

For sides, I chose the baked potato and salad. The potato was big and I liked the sour cream that was slathered over it. No trace of butter but the sour cream did the trick for me.

I also picked the Traditional sauce to see how it'll go with the steak but it was just ordinary and tasted like brown sauce.

The thing I can't understand was that even using prime ribs which have a higher fat content and cooking for up to 18 hours, the meat was far from being tender and juicy. The other thing being that the steak on Ryan's plate had juices oozing out and looked beautifully pink and tender. I left confused and disappointed.

Hog's Breath Cafe (other branches in CHIJMES & Vivocity)
267 Holland Ave
Tel: 64660145

Chew On This: UOB cardholders get 1-for-1 main courses!


nayR said...

must be the megacut!

i had to remind them twice that my peper sauce was missing. it must have been really a busy day.

LiquidShaDow said...

Try the outlet at Chijmes. I've known people who have tried at both places and the so far, the consistent feedback is Chijmes is better than Holland V.

Peishan Y. said...

Same sentiments. Twice i was there at the chijmes outlet, and they delivered well.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I have stopped going the HB ever since they microwaved my steak.

The Hungry Cow said...

nayr: Bigger piece, bigger headache? Not good. Not good.

liquidshadow: Ahh...I see. Maybe that's why only their HV outlet ran that UOB promotion! I'll try their CHIJMES branch the next time, if there's a next time. Thanks for the tip.

peishan: Another vouch for their CHIJMES outlet. CHIJMES 2 : HV -1!

ivan: Microwave?! That's ridiculous. And if that's at the CHIJMES branch, I really don't know what to say.