Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy 1st, Mr Hungry Cow!

Argh...I'm one day late thanks to rushing for the final Black and White Photography portfolio for this entire week. Maybe I should post a bit more about this elective module that I have a love-hate relationship with in a few weeks after I get back my portfolio.

It's a tiny milestone but still a significant one. The Hungry Cow turns one! Yes baby, one year old. And it coincides with my 23rd as well. Celebrations will be pushed to May due to the @#$*ing exams.

The Hungry Cow would like to take this chance to thank all readers and visitors to this humble blog that started off a year ago. Not forgetting friends for their support and fellow floggers for their useful tips and inspiration. Hunger pangs notwithstanding, hopefully, it has been entertaining as well as informative. Taste is personal and subjective so please don't take my word 100% (unless you happen to have the same taste as me). Go eat and judge for yourself. :)

Now comes three weeks of exams. I've drawn up a list of places to hit once exams are over. This serves as my source of inspiration during this study period. Stay tuned.

Chew On This: One thing that I have not done is come up with a rating system for the food being reviewed/blogged about although there are quite a few floggers out there who have done so. In case you are wondering why, my reason is that I find it hard challenging to quantify taste. Also, I try to avoid the inevitable comparison of the rating of one dish to another, once a number is labelled on the food item, which can be quite confusing and conflicting at times.


Eugene said...

Whoa! Happy belated birthday man! :D

And same to your blog!

Bottomless Pit said...

Happy Anniversary!

Peishan Y. said...

Happy 1st anniversary!
I agree taste is very subjective but at the same time, a rating system wld probably make it easier for your readers to gauge? Haha. Cause sometimes when i read your entries, i was a little confuse to whether you actually like or dont like a certain dish? Maybe you were slightly diplomatic and wouldn't want to fail a dish just based on your first try? But anyhow, love your flog! Keep it going for more anniversaries to come (:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

About the ratings system, I would advise against it. Reducing an experience into a single number incurs massive data loss and seems disrepectful.

If we all use numbers then there is no point in blogging; just put a number. Boring lah.

The fun is in the reading and writing and sharing of your experiences, off-day or on.

Keep it up dude. ;)

Anonymous said...

This comes a bit late, but happy anniversary nonetheless!

Keep eating and keep blogging!

Yi Ling said...

Hey! Happy very belated birthday! Hehe tmr's the end of ur exams so hope u get to go celebrate after that! =)

The Hungry Cow said...

Eugene: Thanks man. :)

Bottomless Pit: Thank you. Keep yours going too!

Peishan: Thanks for your feedback. I normally try to state the pros and cons of things and round it off with an overall more personal view. You are quite right. My fairly diplomatic nature could have a hand in not fully condemning any place or food...yet. But to be fair to the consumer, I'll do so if I encounter such. *crosses fingers*

Ivan: My sentiments exactly. Besides being difficult to justify and quantify, a rating system of numbers/stars/woks/chopsticks etc does little justice to the dish and seems rather meaningless too. Thanks for the well-wishes.

DSD: Better late than never. Thanks and here's wishing you a speedy recovery and to more paddling adventures to come!

YiLing: Thanks and yea! I can hardly wait. After that last paper, every day would be a celebration in itelf. Haha.