Monday, March 05, 2007

Cartel- Better Off Being A Diamond

Quite a few of us gathered at Cafe Cartel for a Friday farewell dinner for our dear Marcus, who was leaving for Australia. While I'm not a huge fan of Cafe Cartel, I gladly went because my friend selected the place for dinner and also as I had not eaten there in a long while, I thought it would be good to re-visit and see how the place/food/menu had changed.

Cafe Cartel is known for its free-flow of bread that accompanies every main course. This, I enjoy. Crusty bread with olive oil or butter helps to fill me up. But somehow the bread seems to be warm only on certain visits. Oh and now the waiters slice and bring the bread to the table.

Remembering the delicious Pan-Fried Linguine that I had here eons ago, I decided to give it another go. The Pan-Fried Linguine ($11.50) is slightly more expensive that what it had cost the last time. And while the price has gone up, the portion size has sadly decreased beyond what I would have ever expected. In fact all they have to do is throw in a bottle of Yakult and it'll be a kid's meal. Now you know why I really appreciate the free-flow of bread.

Besides the size, the Pan-Fried Linguine looked the same- nicely done pasta with oil, dried herbs, slivers of green and yellow capsicum and pieces of chicken. But it tasted a little bland this time. Oh Cartel, with all that variations, you really confuse me sometimes.

Fret not, Marcus. Soon it'll be all over. :)

The Cafe Cartel
Raffles City Shopping Centre (various other branches)
Tel: 63362209

Chew On This: For those who, like myself, do not frequent Cafe Cartel, please note that there is now 10% service charge and the the staff will take your orders and later present you the bill instead of the old system of self-order via an order sheet and making payment at the cashier.


Peishan Y. said...

so sad i miss the dinner :/ but oohh.. the panfried linguine is one of the few items i love from cafe cartel too!

The Hungry Cow said...

But sadly, its kid's size portion is a turn-off for me. I like my food in hearty servings. Heh.