Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jappy Lunch With the Grandparents

The recent passing of Dennis Meyer came as a sudden shock and a stark reminder that life is ever so fragile. I will certainly miss the man whom I met when I was 14 years old. As we have not been in touch these few years, we were planning to organise a match to gather all the 'old-timers' for a good catch up. But cruel life turned out such that although he was informed of the match, the match never did materialise. And I greatly regret that.

This brought to mind that it has been a long time since I last brought my maternal grandparents for a meal. And I'm not about to leave anything for regrets. After their Hokkien service, I arranged to meet them and brought them to Waraku at Marina Square.

It was so nice to see them smiling and happy to see me and especially more for my grandpa who enjoys Japanese food. So over cups of green tea we chatted (using my rusty Hokkien) and soon my order of Suzuran ($16) arrived.

One thing I like about Waraku is that whenever I can't make up my mind on whether to eat rice or noodles, I can jolly well choose an option that has both! The Suzuran was basically a combo which included a bowl each of Oyako Don and Beef Curry Udon. The Oyako Don was flavoured nicely with onions, chicken thigh pieces and scrambled eggs. The sauce was a tad sweet for me though. Served in an understatedly stylish black ceramic bowl, the Beef Curry Udon had chewy udon slathered with a thick Japanese curry. The typical Japanese-styled curry was slightly sweet and savoury. Pretty mild in fact. Thin beef slices that topped the udon, provided a meaty element and went down well with the curry.

The portions were not huge in their respective rights but considering that both bowls were essentially part of a combo set, it more than made a substantial meal. No regrets.

Marina Square Shopping Centre (various other branches)
Tel: 68831123

Chew On This: Besides their branches in Cuppage, East Coast, Katong and Marina Square, Waraku has a newly-opened branch in Central at Clark Quay.

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