Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Macaron-Filled Afternoon

I don't really have a sweet tooth but there's just something that attracts me to macarons. Several rows of colourful macarons displayed neatly can cause my heart to skip a beat, as if to allow me to savour the moment without any interfering throbbing. Ack. It has got me all poetical now.

Still thinking of the ones June bought for me for the Christmas Flog Exchange, I dragged Ewan and Ryan to Bakerzin on one sunny Sunday afternoon. I was glad that hazelnut, which Bakerzin ran out of when June popped by, was available that day.

I picked one of each flavour ($1.50 each) and ended up with a plate of six macarons. The colours and their corresponding flavours are as follow (clockwise):
Yellow- Lemon
Pink- Rose
Speckled light brown- Hazelnut
Green- Pistachio
Light brown- Chocolate
Dark brown- Coffee

Of all the flavours, the lemon, hazelnut and chocolate ones found the most favour with me. The lemon macaron had a tart edge to counter the sweetness. The hazelnut one was flavourful and nutty while the chocolate variant boasted a nice, thick chocolate ganache between the two shells.

Macarons being rather sweet on their own, would probably accompany a strong pot of tea perfectly. I tried pairing them with Iced Lime Mint ($6.20) but it backfired. I had expected the Iced Lime Mint to be refreshing but it turned out to be sickingly sweet. A concoction of Sprite, ice cubes and a few torn mint leaves, it clashed head on with the sweetness of the macarons. A nice cup of English Breakfast tea would have been more apt.

And here's a note to floggers/photo-taking people, Bakerzin has a no-photograph-taking policy for it's line up of elcairs, cakes and other confectionary items on display. I found out after the manageress informed me after seeing me take the above shot.

Raffles City Shopping Centre (various other branches)
Tel: 63366006

Chew On This: Bakerzin also has cookies for Chinese New Year. Samples for the cookies are available upon request. Do try the cranberry ones.

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