Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Good Pairing

Hey Chinese New Year is just around the corner. The prosperous-coloured gravy of this featured dish should start the mood. Everyone loves chicken rice and laksa but this stall combines both- the chicken from chicken rice and the gravy from laksa. So who says you can't have the best of both worlds?

Being a cautious virgin, I ordered a small bowl of Chicken Curry Noodles ($3). And went on to regret not ordering a bigger portion. The chopped pieces of chicken were succulent (like those of good chicken rice stalls) and the gravy was typically Hainanese with a strong dose of coconut milk. But the gravy was not 'curry thick', it was lighter and more like laksa. Although it looks spicy, trust me. It's not. Add a dollop of chilli and the heat balances out the gentle sweetness of the coconut well. Besides the chicken, other stuff that was included in the bowl included the usual laksa items of tau pok (smoked beancurd puff) and fishcake but sans hum(cockles).

I wonder what other food have ingenious people paired together...

Hock Hai (Hong Lim) Chicken Curry Noodle
Maxwell Food Centre

Chew On This: If you get so engrossed in taking photos at the stall, you may get away with not paying for your bowl of noodles! I had unintentionally walked away and in the process forgot to pay the uncle. But nah, this cow went back and paid up.


Peishan Y. said...

it certainly looks good cow! i know i've yet to try it, but somehow i've a feeling i would still prefer my chicken rice and laksa on its own. hee. but that's just me!

The Hungry Cow said...

The only thing missing was chicken rice but I think if they had added it, it would have been weird. But hey, that's also just my assumption. Do try the curry mee and let me know. :)