Monday, February 05, 2007

Death By Chocolate

I know I've always liked chocolate but it's only now that I realize why I haven't exactly pulled myself to a chocolate buffet. I went along with the Deli Aprecio Club for the chocolate buffet at Swissotel Merchant Court two Saturdays ago. Almost EVERYTHING had chocolate. Chocolate pudding, pastry, pralines, truffles, drink, cakes, mousse and of course the ubiquitous fountain had most ooo-ing and ahh-ing.

Here are some happy people that night.

And here are some of the sins:

Chocolate Croissant- I like this a lot. Imagine the rich slightly sweet chocolate and the salty buttery pastry combination. Ok, now imagine tasting it. Heaven.

Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Cake- This was too dry for my liking. The chocolate was definitely there but a little moister and it would have been better.

Carrot Cake- This, like the chocolate cake, was dry. Taste wise, it was flat without the nice aroma of mixed spices and the cream cheese frosting was missing. It seemed a little lonely among the chocolatey line up.

Here's a drink to induce some happy hormones and also probably a not-so-happy throat.

Step 1: Select your choice of chocolate.

Step 2: The kind chef will melt the chocolate buttons in a pot and blend in some cream.

Step 3: Your liquid cocoa fantasy. I had mine strong and bitter.

Assorted Chocolate Pralines

'Pseudo-Tiramisu'- I termed this as such as it looked like a normal Tiramisu but lacked most of the typical Tiramisu insides. Still good enough to eat though.

Now don't those pretzel-shaped cookies on the left look a tad too familiar?

Two of my friends cum fellow main committee members who are often too shy to pose for my lens. A rare shot. The picture says it all. I guess chocolate + girls = happy girls ...until the weighing scale comes out from under the bed.

As the night progressed, some people got slightly high on chocolate while others developed temporal phobias. Me? I simply OD-ed on chocolate. Been there. Done that. But I don't think I will be attempting another chocolate buffet, at least not any time soon.

Crossroads Bar
Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel
Tel: 6337 2288

Chew On This: The chocolate buffet is available only on Friday and Saturday evenings. The cosy bar also has a TV showing ESPN for those EPL fanatics. The atmosphere is really nice. Valentine's spot maybe? Too bad I don't have a tall, sexy cow.


cal said...

how much for the buffet?

The Hungry Cow said...

I'm terribly sorry I can't exactly remember but you can call their number to enquire. If you carry a UOB card, check with the cafe if they still have the 1-for-1 promotion. All the more worth it then!

cal said...

thanks! yaye i do have a UOB card, super cool the 1-for-1! thanks for the good news :) :)