Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh Brien's

Phew. After clearing 2 reports, I feel like a new man. Principles of Genetics is truly no joke. Now I have time to post last Sunday's lunch.

I headed for O'Briens at Millenia Walk together with my sis, Pearl, and her friend, Limin, after church. I know it sounds really unlike me but there are days when I feel the urge to eat something light. Maybe it's an innate balancing system to give the digestive tract a rest. So yes. I had sandwiches for lunch that day. No big bowl of creamy soup, no unlimited helpings of bread and no dessert.

I had the Tuna Swiss Melt Toostie ($7.60) which was basically a tuna mayo sandwich. Toostie apparently is O'Briens' term for 'classic thick bread toasted sandwich'. It was slightly thicker than the average slice of Gardenia bread, but it was no monster. A choice of white or brown bread was available. It originally came with Aran Island Sauce that resembled Thousand Island but I had told the staff to go easy on that. They ran out of Swiss cheese so I settled for cheddar and mozzarella instead. In fact I had actually planned to order Turkey & Brie but they had run out of Turkey. Off-peak season or over-hunted last Christmas perhaps?

The tuna filling was supported by red onions, tomato slices, cheese and a lettuce-rocket combo. Over-all I did enjoy the sandwich though I wouldn't rank it as one of the best around. I wished they would increase their measely portion of chips which accompanied the sandwich.

Pearl and Limin decided to share a Mozzarella Wrappo ($6.60) and a Tropical Tossed Salad ($7.60).

The Mozzarella Wrappo looked like what the Incredible Hulk would eat if he goes vegetarian. I found it to be rather refreshing with fresh basil, tomatoes and mixed leaves wrapped in a spinach tortilla wrap. This wrap is vegetarian and tastes as healthy as it sounds. The fresh flavours of the ingredients tamed a little by the soft tortilla.

The Tropical Tossed Salad had bits of chicken, mango, orange, sultanas, cucumber, watercress and mixed leaves tossed in a very fragrant olive oil vinaigrette. This really worked up my appettite with the fresh-tasting leaves, citrusy orange pieces, sweet sultanas and slightly savoury olive oil priming my taste buds for more. But I did maintain my discipline especially with dinner just a mere three hours away. That's another story though.

O'Briens (with various branches)
Millenia Walk
Tel: 68832710
Opens 7.30am - 9.00pm Monday to Friday
9.30am - 9.00pm Saturday
11.30am - 8.00pm Sunday/Public Holidays

Chew On This: All branches are enabled with free wireless broadband (WIFI) access so customers can have a bite and yet remain connected to the world through their laptops, PDAs etc.


Anonymous said...

Man! You don't half love your food, do you!!

Probably the best restaurant I've been to here in London was a Malaysian ... you're so lucky having that country next door ...

I found your blog by chance, hopping "nextnext" from mine ... I'm at gledwood2.blogspot.com and you're welcome to call by. Mine is very different from yours. Tell me what you think!!

Take care now & Best Wishes

The Hungry Cow said...

Hello. There's no such thing as 1/2 love for me...especially when it comes to foood. Haha. Your blog is indeed different from mine as mine is more of a food blog. :)

Peishan Y. said...

wifi - *pronounced wee fee* ala sugarson's style. *giggles* he's so gonna kill if he reads this.. hahahha!!

The Hungry Cow said...

Haha. Don't let him find out.