Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Dinner Featuring the League

It's been quite a while since I last cooked and so I jumped at this Christmas season to cook for some of my good friends. Nothing like cooking for the ones you love. I can't agree more. Quite a few members of the League kindly dropped by my place even at a rather last minute notice. Thanks guys.

And I have to admit that it's difficult to play cook, photographer, host and beverage manager all at the same time. My head is not big enough to wear too many hats at one time. Especially so when one stove suddenly died out on me, leaving me with only one working stove to cook. Not good. But life, and dinner, have to go on.

These pics are thanks to Hushie. Sorry for not being able to capture each dish and the cooking with my camera. I was too busy hovering over one single stove that I totally forgot to take pictures. So looks like I've got a new year resolution...To capture the cooking and the resulting dish with my camera each time I cook.

So for dinner that night, we had crayfish bisque, grilled prawns with orange-ginger salt, pan-seared ribeye, rocket tossed in balsamic vinegar, roasted chicken with potatoes and rosemary, spinach-racelette-and-gruyere-cheese-stuffed squids in a tomato and pepper sauce, grilled trio of sausages and ice kacang. We also easily and happily finished off two bottles of ice wine. That alcoholic honey was to-die-for and if not for its cost, one or two cases would have been easy-peasy to down. Hic.

I'm sure that the monster ice kacang that night could beat the legendary $3 bowl in Ang Mo Kio. If it doesn't look big, you would be surprised to know it fed eight people with plenty left over. In fact, it could have been dinner for some. I also baked some gingerbread cookies. And here are the people who have been found guilty of biting off an arm, a head or a leg and even worse, eventually kidnapping some home. Beware if you spot them around.

Ivy & Mr. Tiger

Jenny & Mr Bala-Ginger

Hushie & J*n?

ménage à trois, Cherie?

Ewan, Marcus & 2 x Unidentified
(I felt that the cookie could be sweeter and the spices reduced to shave off some bitterness. See how nice these two guys are to still maintain the mmm-it's-delicious face?)

Neil & Headless

I didn't know some of my friends had reconstructive surgery ambitions. Hey, it's big business now eh?

It was a Friday. It was three days til Christmas. It was great fun to cook for the League.

Absent with Apologies:
Jas -Can't get off the pool table.
Eugene -Guard Duty.
Daniel -Busy with Canto Mickey Mouse
Ryan -Business plan project.

Chew On This: The dishes may sound really impressive and may give the illusion that I'm some sort of an expert in the kitchen. But I've got to state that I'm still learning and experimenting and am no cooking expert. I think I'm just an above average cook. That said, I hope to get to chef-dom one day.


Anonymous said...

FYI!!! Ive finally managed to pry myself away from the pool table... *makes a face* On to new pieces of furniture this 2007.... hahahah

Anonymous said...

u may be still be experimenting but i'm sure as hell those food are definitely delicious. Well.. at least from my past experiences from eating ur cookies =D. *feeling hungry already!!"

The Hungry Cow said...

Jas: Haha. Pity I can't take you to the huge Ikea that just opened in Tampiness. I'm quite sure you'll find a piece you like.

Hanny: Aww. Thanks for remembering the cookies. That was like after a few tries that I've managed to tweak the original recipe to bring forth the cookies you tasted. :)

tim Soh said...

Happy new year and have a good year ahead.

The Hungry Cow said...

Tim: Hello! Thx and hope you do have a good year too.