Friday, November 10, 2006

Hawking Muffins

A stall selling muffins in a hawker food centre? It's something strange in the neighbourhood and I spotted such an occurrence in Dunman Food Centre.

Miss Muffin (the stall, not the lady) stands out from the usual stalls of rojak, char kway tiao and mee pok. With muffins neatly displayed in rows, I must say it's a pretty novel idea to market these baked confectionery in a hawker centre. Each muffin goes for $1.20 and they come in flavours such as mango almond, durian, banana walnut, cheese, peach, chocolate chip, chempedak, blueberry, apple almond and raisin.

I tried the chocolate chip and mango almond muffins. The chocolate chip muffin was a little dry and could do with a more buttery and chocolate boost. The mango almond one was dusted with icing sugar and looked pretty. Taste-wise, the scent of mango essence just didn't do it for me. Using the pulp of real fruit would have been more costly but I think there are many out there who would appreciate the natural flavour and taste.

I still quite can't believe muffins in a hawker centre but hey, that's become a reality.

Miss Muffin
Dunman Food Centre (opposite Joo Chiat Neighbourhood Police Post)

Chew On This: Miss Muffin bakes all the muffins daily in the stall itself. No getting supplies from cafes/hotels here.


Peishan Y. said...

hope they're better than those from bakin' boys? too dry and i din like 'em too. hee. hearsay from lynn abt this shop in shunfu hawkercentre that sells wonderful muffins too. (:

now a question that i need enlightenment on.. what's the diff btw muffins and cupcakes huh? :P

The Hungry Cow said...

Hmm. Don't wanna comment on bakin' boys either. But will give them a second chance when I feel more generous. :)

Another muffin stall in a hawker centre I hear? A revolution is in the way.

Muffins do not have frosting while cupcakes tend to. Generally, cupcakes have a higher ratio of fat, egg and sugar. Think of them as as mini-cakes.