Friday, October 06, 2006

Price-Buster Beef

$11 for a 300g New Zealand ribeye steak? A figure like this is easily likeable and who bothers about how the price can be so low? Located at a coffeeshop in the Bedok heartland, e.Blackboard has recently opened and is attracting people with their higher-than-foodcourt-standard western food at a fairly competitive price.

The ribeye comes in two sizes, 200g at $9 and 300g at $11. I ordered the 300g ribeye and requested for medium-rare. The steak, while not over-cooked, was unevenly cooked and a tad tough despite the gentle fat marbling. The portion was good although I don't know if it's really 300g of meat that was sitting on the plate. What I would suggest is to use a thicker cut of meat while retaining it's 300g weight. But it's still better than that skinny piece of dead cow slathered with mucky sauce at some western food stall in hawker centres. Eeks!

I also tried the Cajun Chicken ($6.50) which was nice and tender. The Cajun seasoning had really penetrated the chicken thigh and the BBQ-like sauce added a smokey touch. Both the ribeye and the chicken were served with crinkle-cut fries sprinkled with Italian herbs and a pile of coleslaw. What I found interesting was that they added red cabbage which gave a lovely pinkish hue and golden sultanas (otherwise more commonly known as raisins) which provided a sweet contrast to the citrus-infused mayonnaise dressing.

Although I did order the Fish and Chips ($5) and Grilled Lamb Chops ($8), a bad habit of mine deprived this blog of their pictures. Too hungry and having not had breakfast, I happily gobbled them up, forgetting about the digital camera sitting in my pocket. Nonetheless, I shall just briefly review them.

First, the Fish and Chips were pretty good with the thinly-battered dory fillet being firm and fresh. But I found the portion too small to justify for it's price. The Lamb Chops on the other hand were, well, scrawny and below standard. I would certainly give it a miss.

Overall, I feel that e.Blackboard serves western food that is better-tasting and of a better quality than most of their hawker centre and food court counterparts. The price is slightly higher but still reasonable. I would definitely pop-by again if I happen to be in the vicinity but I doubt I'll purposely make my way there just for their food...Unless the blackboard changes.

e.BlackBoard (inside 18 K K Eating House)
Blk 18 Bedok South Road
Opens from 11.30am - 9pm
Closed on Mondays

Chew On This: e.Blackboard also provides delivery services. Call Brian at 91776074 to enquire.

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Peishan Y. said...

This e.blackboard place certainly looks familiar! think ewan showed me a site that reviewed this place before and we were both salivating over the pictures and affordable prices! damnit! its in the east! lol. i shall just stick to ya lai xiang then! i have yet to try it!!