Friday, October 27, 2006

Just Another One of Them

I would have tried this place earlier if not for the many unfavourable comments from many people that have somehow reached my ears. Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe seems to be one of the many Hong Kong-styled cafes that have mushroomed all over our island in recent years. And it is pretty confident and brave to occupy two units on the ground floor of Marina Square Shopping Centre. I overcame negative reviews and decided to meet up with the League to have dinner at the chic, Romance-of-the-Three-Kingdoms-designed eatery.

The first page of the menu featured desserts while the rest of the food were what I had expected - dim sum, instant noodles with ham, fried rice, baked pasta etc, and unexpected - milo dinosaur?! I love the food in Hong Kong, be it at street stalls or restaurants. The standard is impeccable and the passion and pride that the people behind the food put into what they whip up is inspiring. However, the food I had tried here was somewhat disappointing for a place with the 'Hong Kong' branding and yet somewhat unsuprising when compared to the Hong Kong cafes here.

The Pork Chop with Fried Egg & Rice ($7.90) came with a scoop of plain rice, a fried egg, a serving of pork chop and a pathetic stalk of bai cai. The pork chop was tough from being over-cooked and was drenched in a brown sauce which tasted part barbeque sauce and part oyster sauce. The best part of the dish was the fried egg which gave me comforting eggy goodness. The standard of this dish is not exactly what I'll expect from a restaurant or cafe, for that matter.

What I find commendable is the Ying Yong ($2.90), a drink concocted by mixing milk tea and coffee. Served in a metal mug, the drink was a refreshing brew. Perfect for hot sunny afternoons. It was rich and milky, striking a good balance between tea and coffee with neither overpowering the other.

I certainly wouldn't mind returning for a drink and maybe a little nibble but for a full meal, I would probably look elsewhere. I can't totally judge the entire cafe as I've yet to try their other stuff but with what I've tried, the food has so far yet to prove its worth. As with all food trends in Singapore, the Hong Kong cafe bubble will face the test of time and of a fussy palate.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
Marina Square Shopping Centre

Chew On This: Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe closes at 2am in the wee morning. Good comfortable place with air-con, for supper.


Neil said...

i love ur freaking blog man!

The Hungry Cow said...

Thank you Neil! Seems like you found your way here too. :)