Friday, September 08, 2006

Good Ole' Jack

For many Singaporeans, Jack's Place has always been a favourite dining spot for birthday celebrations, family dinners, reunions, get-togethers between friends et cetera. Priding itself on good food at affordable prices in a clean, cosy restaurant setting, Jack's Place certainly delivered when I popped in for lunch recently.

I visited the Yen San Building branch, a good respite from the over-crowded Orchard Road area. This place brings back fond childhood memories of my sister and I who used to play with the candles on the tables, making forms and shapes with the hot candle wax. I was blessed to be able to frequent it enough that the then female manager would recognise my sister and I and nicknamed us 'candle girl' and 'candle boy' respectively. It was also here that contributed to the development of my love affair with beef.

I ordered my usual, Fire Steak ($20), to test if it was still as good as I had remembered. The thick piece of tenderloin was flamed with brandy right by the table before being served, just as it had been done some ten years ago. The steak was juicy and the timing on the grill for my request, medium-to-rare, was spot on with the slightly warm pink insides contrasting the browned exterior of the beef. I thoroughly enjoyed my steak.

Almost everything seemed unchanged, as if time had stood still. The signature green and white checked table mat, the nice fluffy baked potato with toppings of green spring onions, bacon bits and sour cream and the hotplate with a cow's head design on the left were all the same. With the exception that the place had undergone some kind of interior renovation to extend into what used to be a bar area, hence increasing its seating capacity. Bright pictures of its food also now adorn the once empty walls.

For juicy steaks and for old time's sake, I'll definitely return for a good dose of nostalgic childhood joy. I guess that brandied flame that fascinated me as a small child still works magic till today. But I'll now leave the candles alone, I promise.

Jack's Place
Yen San Building (beside Heeren)
268 Orchard Road

Chew On This: Jack's Place is celebrating '40 years of Sizzling Steaks'. With $40 and above spent, take part in their Celebration Sure-Win Instant Dip and stand to win prizes.

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