Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fish & Cheap

The sign boards are so conspicuous that you simply can't miss this place on New Bridge Road. In fact, this place boasts that it serves the 'Best Authentic Fish and Chips'.

The name reminds me of Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. I was only 14 years old when I had visited the tourist spot on the Western part of the United States. There were people, attached to bungee cords, jumping on huge trampolines and I remembered choosing a live oyster to be shucked, not for its flesh but for its pearl. As the name suggests, Fisherman's Wharf was like a pier with the sea breeze ever blowing so gently and with restaurants offering clam chowder and other seafood.

Ironically, I did not remember anything about eating Fish and Chips there. As a child, my fondest food memory at Fisherman's Wharf was a delicious chocolate rose and a then-novel chocolate-coated-green-apple-on-a-stick. A few years back, some clever people brought this novelty into Singapore and now we have apples and other fruits coated with chocolate or caramel, on a stick.

This Fishermen's Wharf in Singapore boldly claims to serve the best Fish and Chips but I have to admit that while their version's not too bad, it is certainly not the best around. The fairly-sizeable dory fillet, served on grease paper, was decent and did not taste fishy but the chips were a disappointment. Each order came with a choice of either chips or fries on the side. 'Chips' as defined by the staff are fried slices of potatoes. These turned out rather soggy and unappetising. I reckon the fries would have been a better bet. Patrons can also choose either tartar, honey mustard, curry or Mexican as an accompanying sauce.

At $6.50, it was well worth the price but don't expect any fancy ambiance or great service. That's not what you are paying for at this price anyway.

Fishermen's Wharf
27/29 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059392
Tel: 65326468

Chew On This: Do check out their set lunches ($9.50) and also try out the other types of battered fish available.

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