Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dark Fingers

It's amazing how many versions of a single item can spring up in just a matter of months. Kit Kat, the two fingers of wafer coated with milk chocoloate and wrapped with aluminium foil, is what most of us will fondly remember as a childhood treat. Who hasn't heard of their famous tagline "Take a break, have a Kit Kat."? Kit Kat now comes in new and some rather interesting flavours.

Being a lover of dark chocolates, the word 'dark' instantly caught my attention. I was expecting the same crisp wafer biscuit coated this time with dark, rich, bitter chocolate. But dark chocolate fans like me will be slightly disappointed. Getting past the gold foil wrapper, the chocolate was sweet and contains not a bitter taste. The only difference between this 'dark' version and the original is that the former contains more plain chocolate and less milk chocolate, rendering it richer and slightly less sweet.

Kit Kat Dark is still enjoyable but fell below my expectation of something labeled 'dark'. Perhaps people who like their chocolate to be richer yet are adverse to the bitter taste of dark chocolate will take a fancy to this.

Kit Kat Dark
Available at most supermarkets.
Bought at Shop n Save for $6.60.

Chew On This: Other flavours available include orange, mint, white chocolate and lemon cheesecake, with the first three (plus Dark) being made in UK.

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