Monday, September 04, 2006

Budget Bites

With just a few dollars in my pocket and feeling peckish, I wondered what could satisfy me within my budget. Seems like following my friends blindly into Muji paid off. While they did their shopping, I wondered around and stumbled upon these goodies near the cashier.

An 80g bag of tea cookies, a 58g bag of whole wheat lemon cookies and a pack of two small chocolate yuzu bars were on special sale at a dollar each. One dollar for these made-in-Japan snacks that looked really tempting proved too much to resist. I grabbed a few and happily paid up.

The tea cookies (pictured on the left) were deliciously infused with aromatic tea and thankfully not too sweet. After popping one into my mouth, my hand involuntarily repeated the action, much to my brain's delight. The whole wheat lemon cookies (pictured on the right) were good too but I would have preferred them to be more buttery. The small bits of apricot gave it a nice texture and bite while the slight lemon flavour added tartness. The chocolate yuzu bar was actually rice crisps coated with a rich, slightly bitter chocolate spiked with yuzu. The citrus fruit added a tangy touch to the bitter-sweet chocolate, cutting through the sweetness to ensure that it was not at all cloying.

A good cup of tea together with these goodies would be a great afternoon bliss. Do buy a couple of packs to share with friends...But just don't forget to stash away one for yourself or you'll it regret later.

Level 2
Bugis Junction

Chew On This: These items on special sale have expiry dates that are nearing. Remember to finish them quickly and then look out for the next batch of these tasty budget-friendly snacks.

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