Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cocoa Cocoa Nut

Ever wondered why some people describe two certain foods as a match made in heaven? My guess would be that these food pairing combinations are so good that God himself could be their creator, but of course.

One such pairing is nuts with chocolate. Up the ante a little by selecting the King of Nuts, Macadamia, with rich milk chocolate and it is enough to bring happiness to the most bitter of souls. I managed to get my hands on two boxes of milk chocolate-coated Macadamias from Perth. The difference between the two was that one box had the chocolate nuts dusted with cocoa powder.

The ones dusted with cocoa powder were less sweet as the slight bitterness of the cocoa powder balanced the milk chocolate well. Given a choice, I would prefer the cocoa powder-dusted ones. But who's to complain when you have another box of milk chocolate-coated Macadamias even without the cocoa powder dusting? Cetainly not me.

Chew On this: It is important that the Macadamias do not taste rancid as this could be an indication that the nuts have gone bad. Macadamias should taste buttery and nutty instead.

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