Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Swiss Culture

On the third floor of Suntec City and next to Sky Garden, Swiss Culture sits among a small string of eateries including Kuishinbo. I visited the restaurant with a friend last Wednesday evening.

As the seating space is limited, some may find the tables packed too closely for comfort. In my opinion, the best seat is at a table just next to the glass barricade. It should be able to seat four or five people. A seat at this table, being on the third floor, allows you to get the godly feeling of divine supremacy as you watch mortals below you going about their shopping, while you wait for your food. Cheap thrill.

The waiter recommended us to try Rivella ($4.50), an imported fruity soft drink. The ever cautious me decided to order one first. And I did not regret my decision. Rivella tasted a tad like fizzy medicine. Neither my friend nor I was taken by this drink.

Fortunately the food turned out better. I ordered the Murshroom Steak ($20.80) while my friend deicded on the Pork Sausage ($18.80). The former had a generous serving of mushroom sauce on the steak and came with buttered vegetables and potato wedges. Taste wise, it past muster but not what I would call great. As for the Pork Sauage, it was served with rosti and a small salad. The sausage made of coarse pork was a bit salty for my taste but tasty and had a very full 'bite feel' in the mouth. The rosti was also crispy and well-done.

Over all, Swiss Culture is a nice little place for an Erdinger with some Swiss eats. I shall return with more people to try other items such as the cheese and chocolate fondues.

Swiss Culture
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall
Tel: 63335919
Chew on This: There's a promotion for SAFRA members. Please check with Swiss Culture.

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