Sunday, June 18, 2006

Handicapped Cow

I do apologise for the long delay before the next post. I have been handicapped when my mum decided to bring my camera along to Perth. Though the eating hasn't stopped, I would rather not do any post without any pictures. Visual creatures would agree that pictures, photographs and pictorials are oh-so important. They give a physical appearance to what would otherwise be mere words or mental sketches.

On the topic of pictures, I think most would know that my passion is in food and not photography. But what's a blog without pictures? I aim to improve over time and with each post. In fact, I am planning to get a new digital camera soon and maybe a camera phone as a back-up too. Where's one of those IT fairs when I need one? Please bare with my amateurish photographic skills while I seek to improve.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

IT fair at suntec, i thought it was over?
I think there's another one, maybe you can check Expo out if they are having any IT fair.