Tuesday, May 16, 2006

To Mum with Love

Today is Mother's Day and I dedicate this post to my mum, a supermum.

I had to take Mum to Pete's Place at the Grand Hyatt for its famous salad bar. Pete's Place is well known for its Italian food and salad bar. The salad bar ($19) seems to be popular with ladies who flock there during lunch. Though not as wide a spread such as the now-defunct Ponderosa or Sizzler, it makes up by offering fresh quality ingredients such as baby spinach and fresh champignions with herbs. Also available at the salad bar are tuna, boiled eggs, bacon, tomatoes and cheese, celery with Brie, artichoke among others. My choice of dressing had to be the Italian one. Mum was certainly happy with the vegetables.

I ordered a medium-rare Tenderloin with roasted vegetables ($34). The meat was sliced into about five thick slices, exposing the pink insides, and surrounded by its own juice. It was served with roasted bell peppers and zucchini on the side. I give the Tenderloin a thumbs up as it was really tender and juicy. Great for beef-lovers. The Quattro Pizza ($19) we ordered was a disappointment. Although it was the large sized-pizza, I felt that the size was too small to be justified as a large. Taste-wise, it also fell flat and I am certain there are better pizzas out there.

For desserts, we decided to try the Tiramisu ($8) and the home-made Lemon Sherbert ($3). The former needed more coffee liqueur for a nice kick while the latter was a tad sour for my taste. At $3, the sherbert is a steal. I think the Wild Strawberry would be a better bet.

Pete's Place, Grand Hyatt Singapore
Chew on This: Every order entitles one to a free-flow of bread. Above five different breads are available.

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