Tuesday, May 02, 2006

House of Bread

Bread is one of those foods that is neither bound by cultures nor race. Though it may come in different shapes and sizes, it appeals to one and all, especially this hungry cow.

I happen to wonder into this small place called House of Bread. It is a humble start-up with a small array or breads, some cakes and a soup. A few tables are available for patrons who wish to eat-in. Muffins, buns, bagel, French loaves and pies are displayed neatly for you to select from.

I ordered the Cream of Mushroom soup, a chocolate muffin, a Parmesan bagel and a raisin scone. The soup was not very good. In fact it was not good at all. The soup tasted bland and more of onion than mushroom. Singaporeans are big fans of Cream of Mushroom and the bowl I had would make most of us rather grab a can of Campbell's. The chocolate muffin was also a let-down. The chocolate taste had failed to come through. As for the bagel, I would have preferred one that was more chewy and had a bit more bite to it.

The raisin scone($0.80) was much better than both the Mushroom soup and chocolate muffin. Slightly crumbly and with a hint of milk, it would make the perfect companion to an afternoon tea. Being the greedy cow that I am, I made another order of a cranberry muffin($1.50) which proved to be the reason why I left the place smiling. It had a nice buttery taste with cranberry bits embedded around. Delightful.

House Of Bread Cafe
12 Jalan Pari Burong (near the junction of Bedok and Upper Changi Roads)
Chew on this: The owner must be a Christian judging from the decorative boards with a cross, biblically-named buns and the praise & worship played over the speakers.

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